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I.J. Singh is a New York based writer and speaker on Sikhism in the Diaspora, and a Professor of Anatomy.

The Roots of Sikhism by I.J. SINGH

Sikhism has endured because of its distinct theology, its proven ability to fight for survival and its distinct symbols. Though under constant assault, it may even be at the threshold of a renaissance ...

The Three R's by I.J. SINGH

Wars become just, not because they are winnable or beneficent to us, not because they are ours, but because they are unavoidable, the cause is just and all other means have failed.

Fissures & Fractures by I.J. SINGH

The non-urbanized, poorly educated Sikhs need us so that we can again create a common purpose and a common destiny. We need to uplift them.

Finding Oneself by I.J. SINGH

In its heyday, the 60's movement attracted some of the brightest, most sensitive, young minds in droves. What exactly were these flower children looking for?

S. Shamsher Singh: A Life Worth Celebrating TRIBUTE

In 1980, he established the Hemkunt Foundation for the sole purpose of conveying the Guru’s message to the children and youth of the diaspora.

1984: The Lessons of History
The Roundtable Open Forum #68 by I.J. SINGH

Jews, who were being increasingly targeted by Nazis in brutal violence, formed only one percent of Germany’s population, but were a prominent visible minority.

It's The Cruel Month of June Again by I.J. SINGH

It’s been 27 years now since the attack on the Harmandar Sahib by India’s army, followed by a clearly criminal conspiracy - the attempted genocide of its own people by a govt.

Still Here!
Rapture, O Rapture! by I.J. SINGH

Aware of his approaching death due to a brain tumor, Senator Ted Kennedy would appear outside his bedroom every morning, and announce in his rich baritone, “Still Here!”

A New Collection of Cartoons by Vishavjit Singh A Book Review by I.J. SINGH

Capturing reality in cartoons is a rare skill and Vishavjit Singh's talent shows. His drawings are neat, clean, impressively eye-catching and unmistakable.

Now That Osama bin Laden is Dead ...
The Roundtable Open Forum # 65 by I.J. SINGH

As a Sikh, I am profoundly concerned. The past ten years have seen many hate crimes against innocent Sikh-Americans, including murder ...

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