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I.J. Singh is a New York based writer and speaker on Sikhism in the Diaspora, and a Professor of Anatomy.

The Journey Together by I.J. SINGH

Let me tell you a story! How a book, too voluminous to prop up in bed to read, written in languages that I barely understood, became, for me, first an object of admiration, and then adoration and veneration.

Enforcing The Social Contract:
The Roundtable Open Forum # 79 by I.J. SINGH

The social contract between the individual and the community stipulates that in return for the latter's protective shield that we all need, the members will obey the rules and regulations faithfully.

Kicking The Tires
The Roundtable Open Forum # 78 by I.J. SINGH

If we critically examine only others but become defensive about our own shortcomings, then that can lead to only one of two end results: undeserved and unnecessary hubris or a schizoid existence. 

Books & Bookshops: Bringing a Horse to Water, or Vice Versa by I.J. SINGH

On content I would rate the shop near a ten on a scale from one to ten, but in being user friendly I would be falling off the chart on the other end.

The Granthi ... Priest, Rabbi or Minister? by I.J. SINGH

The shortcomings of the granthi today lie not in him but in how he is perceived and trained, and in the system which has not responded to the changing needs and times.

The Sangat Flourishes in Cyber Space by I.J. SINGH

One morning, just days ago, I posted a column on, and with childlike anticipation logged on that very evening to see if I had touched a reader somewhere.

Of Naysayers & Quibblers by Dr. I.J. SINGH

Intent upon questioning and denying anything and everything ad nauseum, a handful of arm-chair quibblers while away their time wallowing in negativity.

Loose Lips Sink Ships by I.J. SINGH & T. SHER SINGH

We recently came across a blurb introducing a national radio conversation on Sikhism, which, in a brief two lines about Sikhs, describes God in Sikhism as “shapeless and sightless.”   

August 15
India - Shackles, Old & New:
The Roundtable Open Forum # 73 by I.J. SINGH & T. SHER SINGH

When we get invited to Aug 15 festivities, or come across the Indian flag, all that we feel is a deep sense of sadness for India and its people ...

The Five Kakkaars
or, How To Spin a Controversy Out of Thin Air by I.J. SINGH

There is no evidence, direct or implied, that the Guru berated the recalcitrant 60,000 who did not take Amrit in 1699, that they were no longer his Sikhs and should thereafter get out of his face!

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