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Golden Temple

In Delhi in 1984 the adage was completely inverted: books were burned after burning people.

Partition Of Punjab:

The newly-engaged man and woman were Sikhs living in a region which is now part of Pakistan.

A Film For The Holidays:
Fiddler On The Roof T. SHER SINGH

The plot covers the whole gamut of the Sikh experience of the last 70 years.

A Million Rivers:
A Film by Sarah Singh SARIKA SHARMA

Her first feature film stars veteran actor Om Puri …

Divided By Seven Decades Of History,
United By Six Centuries Of History SHEHRYAR NABI

“The Mecca and Medina of the Sikh community are in Pakistan.”

Why Did Bhan Singh Break Down In Tears? AKHTAR BALOUCH

The nonagenarian man asked, ‘Is this Bhan Singh’s house?

Today I Ask Waris Shah:
Ajj Aakhan Waris Shah Noon A Poem by AMRITA PRITAM, Translated from Punjabi by NIKKY-GUNINDER KAUR SINGH

Rise! O sympathizer of the afflicted! Rise! Look at your Punjab!

Who Was That Man ...? MARIAM S. PAL

My grandmother, weeping silently, clutched a flour sack containing a samovar and some pots.

The Lost Gurdwaras Of Potohar ZULFIQAR ALI KALHORO

Three of the gurdwaras are located at Kanoha, Doberan Kalan and Mohara Bhatta, and are especially noted for their elegance and paintings.

Distorting History RANA TANVEER

Sardar Bahadur Bhagat Singh Khalsa High School was renamed Islamia High School post-1947.

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