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1947: "The Partition of Punjab Was a Disaster" by ALASTAIR LAWSON

"Geography, canals, railways and roads all argued against dismemberment ... Thousands of people died or were uprooted from their homes in what was in effect a civil war."

Punjabiyat: The Early Stirrings Of A Renaissance by SCHONA JOLLY

Now, more than six decades after Partition, Punjabi cultural heritage is beginning to move forward, flowering and blooming across the diaspora.

Cyril John Radcliffe:
For 40,000 Rupees, He Tore A Land Asunder A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"He took no time to see the people/ Or walk among the pious/ He heard no plea/ But butchered up the land in metered gore"

Punjab, Punjabi, Punjabiyat by Prof. PRITAM SINGH

Punjabiyat appears to be one, undivided unity; its fissures are only superficial and the strength of its unified base is beyond any doubt.

Gold Currency A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"An heirloom for posterity? / No, the intrinsic value always bequeathed/ Is the standard price of liberty ..."

1947 - The Forever Wandering A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"A tangle of people / Trying to unravel the knotting of history / Trying to secure the frayed ends of family / ... "

Why Are There No Memorials To The Partition of Punjab, India? by GEETA PANDEY

A museum in Delhi to "commemorate the butchery of Muslims", and another in Lahore to "commemorate the butchery of Sikhs and Hindus"?

The Brighter Side of Midnight by TRIDIVESH SINGH MAINI

Oral history has been critical in piecing together individual experiences of the other side of a cataclysmic and traumatic event.

The Girl From Rawalpindi by NIRUPAMA DUTT

When I'm asked of my origins, I say, "My father was from Lahore ..." But I'm quick to add, "My mother's from Rawalpindi!"

Punjabiyat is Alive and Well in Sikhdom by CHANDER SUTA DOGRA

It reflects the Sikh's disillusionment with a Hindu-dominated India which has done all it can to obliterate Sikh identity.

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