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I.J. Singh is a New York based writer and speaker on Sikhism in the Diaspora, and a Professor of Anatomy.

Dastaar Bandhi: The Why & The Wherefore by I.J. SINGH

It is not a mere cultural eccentricity but the cornerstone of a Sikh's existence, essential to the very definition of self.

Many a Slip 'Twixt The Cup and The Lip by I.J. SINGH & MANJYOT KAUR

The only true way of honoring our icons is by emulating their message. Is our dedication strictly theoretical, then?

New Delhi:
Mischief, Thou Art Afoot by I.J. SINGH

The matter of Phoolka is like a KKK lynching - minus the jeering, robed figures, the noose and the burning - but a lynching nevertheless.

Who's Sorry Now? by I.J. SINGH

Simply stated, a good public apology has four elememts: regret, responsibility, a plan of action and transparency of process.

The Magic & Mystery of Music by I.J. SINGH

THe last time I attended Dya Singh's kirtan, young Sikhs came out of the woodwork to attend and enjoy ...

Bhai Gurdas
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 26, June 28 - July 4 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

If his writings are designated as the 'key' to understanding the Guru Granth, why isn't a single composition by him found in it?

Beware of Falling Rocks by I.J. SINGH

Let's be wary of slippages in our practices that appear not to be of critical and negative import ... they may carry a hidden blow.

What The Past Teaches Us by I.J. SINGH

The past speaks eloquently because it reveals what we have become ... History teaches us; it is a prologue to the future.

Khalistan: Undesirable, Unnecessary or Inevitable? by I.J. SINGH

A compendium of arguments, pro & con, being bandied about on the idea of Khalistan.

The 30-Second Elevator Pitch I.J. SINGH

He dared me to instantly create a summary conveying the principles of Sikhism to a stranger who has minimal interest in it.

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