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I.J. Singh is a New York based writer and speaker on Sikhism in the Diaspora, and a Professor of Anatomy.

The Matter of The Kirpan by I.J. SINGH

When is a kirpan acting true to the derivation of its name -"The Sword of Mercy"? What if a Sikh carrying one misuses it?

Sikh-Americans: Towards a More Perfect Union by I.J. SINGH

" ...out of a single fire, millions of sparks arise,/ But fall back in the fire, to come together again ..."

The Power of a Uniform by I.J. SINGH

What does a Sikh's uniform proclaim to the world today? Is his or her word a bond?

What Is A Head Worth? by I.J. SINGH

The question is asked a hundred times a day and in a myriad ways. How are you going to answer the call?

En Garde: The Vatican & The Akal Takht by I.J. SINGH

Shaikh Farid's words exhort us to use our intelligence not to explore the shortcomings of others but to look within ourselves.

When Saints Go Marching In by MANJYOT KAUR & I.J. SINGH

In Sikhi, how does one define a sant or saint? What makes a saint? And why be one even if you can?

Taboo or Not Taboo ... That is the Question ... by I.J. SINGH

In Sikhi, there are only two food taboos: against things that will harm the body or mind; and what is eaten should be in moderation.

Stacked Deck:
War of the Sexes - Part II by I.J. SINGH & GURMEET KAUR

For ages, the deck has been so heavily stacked against women that we can't imagine a time when it wasn't so ...

Hey, Dude! by I.J. SINGH

People express love in a language that is more personal, less formal; more intimate, less focused on status and position.

Tribal Justice by I.J. SINGH

The Gurus gave us the rudiments of a good, forward-looking system of conflict resolution, but we seem not to have valued it ...

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