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I.J. Singh is a New York based writer and speaker on Sikhism in the Diaspora, and a Professor of Anatomy.

Nitpicking on 1984: The Topsy-Turvy World of Lord Haw-Haw by I.J. SINGH

I have received e-mails from certain individuals in India challenging the right of Sikhs abroad to question India's policies as "interference" in India's internal affairs.

The Sikh-Sufi Connection by I.J. SINGH

A Muslim in the audience loudly proclaimed that Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhi, was a most wonderful exponent of Sufi Islam.

How To Save The World by I.J. SINGH

Can someone else pay my debts in this life? Can someone else die for my sins? Can someone else atone for the evil that's in my heart or my actions?

When Life Is A Lemon ... How To Make Meaning Of A Bowl Of Cliches Convenor: I.J. SINGH

What kind of attitude will carry us through the muck and suffering of life? Sikhs have a cliché for it - chardi kalaa.

Same Sex Unions by I.J. SINGH

This issue has only recently surfaced in Sikh society, not because gay Sikhs do not exist, but probably because in the Indian culture, they remain closeted.

Mubarak! Mubarak! Victory of The Young & The Wired by I.J. SINGH

Only time can tell how the Egyptian movement for independence that truly started at the grassroots by young people will evolve.

Celebration & Hope
Sikh Sacred Music by GURMUKH SINGH (U.K.) & I.J. SINGH (U.S.A.)

Gurpreet Kaur and the Gurmat Gian Group have produced an exquisite set of six CD's with hymns from the Guru Granth in each of the 31 raags.

Cultural Myopia?
The Roundtable Open Forum # 59 by I.J. SINGH

I regret that our Punjabi Sikh culture remains suspicious of professionally successful women and particularly so if they have a history of marriage and divorce.

Sikh Misls, Part II:
Rights & Obligations of Citizenship by I.J. SINGH

What I am asking is this: Wouldn't it be better to design institutions that are open to women and all shades of Sikhs as well?

Sikh Misls, Part One: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow by I.J. SINGH

Sikhs are nation builders and history-making people. We can neither repeat the past nor can we bury it, but we can reshape the present with it.

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