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I.J. Singh is a New York based writer and speaker on Sikhism in the Diaspora, and a Professor of Anatomy.

Let There Be Light by I.J. SINGH

Why on earth would one move towards secret hearings? Why was the open policy changed to secret trials 10 years ago?

The Dasam Granth Issue: A Red Herring by I.J. SINGH

The Dasam Granth has absolutely no place alongside the Guru Granth. It is not the Guru.

Everyone Loves a Parade ... Parbhaat Pheri, Jaloos, Nagar Kirtan by I.J. SINGH

There was a sea of turbans in all shades of the rainbow. Estimates speak of 50,000 to 75,000 marching in the parade.

Where Will Our Leaders Come From? by I.J.SINGH

What is assured is the march forward. I have never been more optimistic about our place in the world.

Vicious Humour: A Touch of No Class by I.J. SINGH

Many of us grew up in this country on racial epithets about Blacks and about the purported ineptitude of other minorities.

Loaded Dice by I.J. SINGH

Sikhi presents a very modern way of life. However, some of us have never looked at Sikhi through modern eyes.

Of Lawyers & Pastors by I.J.SINGH

Sikhs were willed by their Gurus a system of justice that was open, just and compassionate.

1984 & I: Moving Forward by I.J. SINGH

Years from now, historians will reconstruct history from what we say and do today. Never let the story die. 

Here and Now by I.J. SINGH

The command in Guru Granth to 'meditate' asks me to center the mind. This is crucial to a meaningful life ...

Standing Logic On Its Head by I.J. SINGH & MANJYOT KAUR

Simplistic comparisons are easily propounded, but almost always remain of minimal value.

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