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I.J. Singh is a New York based writer and speaker on Sikhism in the Diaspora, and a Professor of Anatomy.

Heaven, Hell & Places Between by I.J. SINGH

Can you imagine burning in hell forever? That is how many organized religions terrify us.

Science Versus Religion:
Where's the Beef? by I.J. SINGH

The two remain opposite sides of the same true coin of reality. How can one side have any value without the other?

1984 & I:
George Orwell's 1984
Alive & Well in India by I.J. SINGH

Born in Bihar, India, George Orwell penned a classic which, strangely, perfectly captures the India of today.

Doing One's Own Thing by RAVINDER SINGH & I.J. SINGH

No civilization was built by anyone toiling alone. Life is a social contract.

The Partition & I:
Remembrance of Things Past by I.J. SINGH

It has now become so difficult to answer when people ask me where I am from.

Historical Dictionary of Sikhism A Book Review by I.J. SINGH & MANJYOT KAUR

Its wealth of useful facts and cross-references will serve as a springboard to motivate the reader ...

Batting a Century: A Writer's Journey by I.J. SINGH

Happy should be the author who has one good idea in his lifetime to explore and develop.

Hew McLeod Passes Away:
The End of an Era
in Sikh Scholarship by I.J. SINGH

By his own confession, he was an agnostic. Otherwise, I would happily dub him a sehajdhari!

Life's New Chapter: A Time for Catch-Up? by I.J. SINGH & ARDAMAN SINGH MADAN

The greatest driving force in life is the desire to be useful and to do something meaningful.

Ivory Towers, or
Towers of Learning by I.J. SINGH

It is important that academic and lay voices do not remain secluded from each other.

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