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The Love Knot by S.J. KAUR

"You have bound and bonded me in a series of love knots./ Intricate, intimate, countless layers of knots ..."

The Month of Aasaarh (Haarh)
[June 15 - July 15] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

The fourth month of the Nanakshahi (Sikh) calendar, with summer in Punjab at its peak - 'tis the month in which Guru Arjan was martyred.

The Raindrop A Poem by INNI KAUR

"You are vast./ I, a drop./ If I merge,/ What will become of me? ... 'You and I are one./ Have faith' ..."

The Grass Blade & The Tree A Poem by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

"Why is it that you tower over me?/ We are born of the same Creator,/ Are part of the same Creation ..."  

Forever The Bride A Poem by INNI KAUR

"I tremble ... I hide ... Eons ebb ... Eons flow ..."

Three Poems by EKAM KAUR BAJWA

"Isn't it kind of weird/ That sometimes you even wish/ All your nightmares were real ..."

Kirtan Sohela: Ode to My Beloved by Giani JARNAIL SINGH

Just as the bride parts from her childhood home and family, we too will one day part from all that is here on earth ...

Rabindranath Tagore's Tribute to Banda Singh Bahadar

The Nobel-Laureate poet upholds that the seeming defeat of the Sikhs was a victory in the test of history.

Mata Gujri Jeeo A Poem by GURMEET KAUR

Of Mothers in the world/ Many sparkle but one shines/ Your glory unmatched, your legacy divine ...

Whispering Trains A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

When do they fear for their lives? When they silence the people! When do they silence the people? When the people have voices.

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