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Will You Be My Lover?

... The perfect Love for which I endlessly prayed / Sweet, beautiful, ever so elegant, there it lay ... In a sea of roses we once played ...

A Dream Deferred A Poem by PARVINDER MEHTA

" ... festering hate that snatched / her arms for support, / her hands for comfort foods / her smiles for celebrations / her shoulder for solace ...".


" ...we address You with many Names; / Venerate, Praise, and Celebrate Your countless excellences / In myriad ways, colorful traditions and rituals ..."

Remembrance A Poem by PARVINDER MEHTA

"unspoken feelings of calm gloom / unfelt warmth of unknown hands / unheard silence of meditating souls / unseen glimpses of glimmering trust ..."

Dinner With The Gunman NINA CHANPREET KAUR

I invite you to my dinner table / Join me, will you? / I'd like to sit next to you. / I'd like to understand.


One drop joins the river, one rises to rain / and one will distill as the dew tonight / Ek onkar, sat naam, kartaa purakh / drink a prayer like ambrosial brew tonight

aphasia A Poem by PARVINDER MEHTA

erased memories   etched nightmares    punctuated emotions …   failed hope    failed justice    failed ideals   ... failed words   failed …    fai …

35 - Paintee A Book Review by T. SHER SINGH

MONDAY, JULY 2, 2012:  The images are a combination of the abstract and the lines and forms of the paintee - the popular, collective term for the 35 letters of the Punjabi/Gurmukhi alphabet - each balancing with and juxtaposing a page of poetic text.

Days & Nights In Marrakesh by VISHAVJIT SINGH

Locals and tourists / Transfixed by my turban and flowy beard / Sang me old Bollywood ballads /Calling out countless names

The Month of Jeytth [May 15 - June 14] Translated by GURMEET KAUR

During the third month of the Nanakshahi calendar: "As the earth simmers/ The soul bride glows/ In longing ..."

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