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1947 - The Forever Wandering A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"A tangle of people / Trying to unravel the knotting of history / Trying to secure the frayed ends of family / ... "

The Month of Bhaado(n)
[August 16 - September 14] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

" ... Dark nights/ Pour of/ Restlessness/ Frogs and peacocks bellow/ Confusion maddens ... Rainbird cries 'O Beloved/ Show me the way!' "  

Dawn of Creation A Poem by INNI KAUR

"All begins ... All ends ... In Japji."

Mai Bhago: The Guru's General A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"She rose slowly on her mount, head above them/ Chunni cast wide around her in the wind/ Her straight frame stiffened in the restless stirrups ..."

The Pride of the Father A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

" ... Ajit approached his father/ And begged in earnest piety/ To take his turn with the others at the gate ..."

Search Me: I Give You Everything A Poem by AMRIT KAUR LOHIA

"Maybe one day the world will see/ A world of love and empathy/ Built strong by mistakes in history ..."

Humble The Poet: Voice For The Voiceless by LAURA SILVERMAN

Kanwer Singh is a rare breed in the rap world these days: a poet with brain and heart ...

The Month of Saavan
[July 16 - August 15] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

"Oh Mother!/ What sleep?/ What hunger?/ Without the beloved -/ The comfort of garments/ Pleases not! ..."

Solitude by INNI KAUR

My fragrance,/ Betrays me./ Hunters appear./ Solitude shattered./ Hands caress./ I quiver./ Discovered./ Defiled ... 

The Kohinoor by MICHELE GIBSON

"Near 800 carats/ A mountain of stone,/ A vastness of cunning,/ A peril to own ..."

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