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A Beautiful Place:
Sardarni Jagmohan Kaur by INNI KAUR

In memory of my beloved mother who completed her blessed earthly journey a month ago.

A Mother's Blessing Translated from Gurbani by GURMEET KAUR

May the Guru by his grace/ Bestow upon you:/ The kinship of saintly souls/ A swaddle of honour/ The sustenance of adoration/ Each and every day ..." 

From The Pen of Bhai Vir Singh Translated from Punjabi by INNI KAUR

"Clear your doubts. Be sure of your path. For only then will the mind endeavor to rise. When the mind rises, it will tune itself to the Divine. An un-attuned mind cannot be awakened. And an un-awakened mind cannot meet the Divine."

Love & Hate: A 9.11 Cocktail A Poem by NINA CHANPREET SINGH

"Go back home./ Where is my home?/ Punjab, my mother/ America, my birth place/ already destroyed/ Ripped apart/ flames of hate/ bleeding rivers ..."

It is a Time for Prayer by LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE

From the prayer born from need ... to the deeper prayer that takes us beyond any words ... Prayer is the simplest and most natural way to communicate with the divine.

Amongst The Lilies by INNI KAUR

“Please take a photograph of the lilies,” I plead with hubby. “Go and sit next to them,” he replies. “Focus on the water lilies, not me,” I instruct ...

Ode To A lost Land, Lost Souls A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

I grieve for you/ My almost nation in my mind/ Lost, in idle meditations and strategic propositions/ And every now and then I catch my longing and/ I struggle, just to breath again ...

Disturb Us, Lord A Prayer by Sir FRANCIS DRAKE

Disturb us, Lord, when/ We are too well pleased with ourselves,/ When our dreams have come true/ Because we have dreamed too little ...

The Month of Vaisakh [April 14 - May 14] Poems by GURMEET KAUR

"Vaisakh: Surrender the head/ Release the ego/ Soak the Shabad/ Drench in Naam/ Answer the call ..." 

Veni Vidi Vici
I Came, I Saw, I Conquered A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"To master reality/ Neither divide nor join, not avoid nor recede/ Recognise and rule - my senses, my self, my action/ Humble, yet a most powerful humility ..."

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