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Jamuna's Quest A Poem by INNI KAUR

Inspired by Bhai Vir Singh's poem about the River Jamuna forever seeking the young Gobind who once played on her shores ...

Bhai Vir Singh: The Art of The Eyewitness by Prof. PURAN SINGH

His art is of the eyewitness; he writes what he sees; draws his poems from the melody of his soul. When the scene is before him he draws ...

Anad Foundation Honours Punjabi Poets NEWS REPORT

The Anād Kāv Sanmān for the year 2009-2010 is being jointly conferred upon Sikh-Canadian sibling poets, Navtej Singh Bharati and Ajmer Singh Rode.

The Tyrants Folly at
Chandni Chowk A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"He sets it all to rebel flame/ Deftly fuels the dazzling fire/ Burns every possession to the ground/ And completes the blessed Guru's funeral pyre..."

The Month of Mungghar
[November 14 - December 13] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

"Says Nanak:/ She who surrenders/ Loves from her core/ Dwells in devotion/ Is loved back manifold ..."

The Peacock & The Koh-i-Noor A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"The Koh-i-Noor returns to bless a treaty with Shah Shuja, and Ranjit Singh the warrior king/ Ranjit agrees to arm and to restore the Shah and this the price, the brilliant offering ..."

Cyril John Radcliffe:
For 40,000 Rupees, He Tore A Land Asunder A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"He took no time to see the people/ Or walk among the pious/ He heard no plea/ But butchered up the land in metered gore"

The Month of Kattak
[October 15 - November 13] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

" ... Lamp of wisdom/ Lit in poise/ With the oil ofSpirit/ Kindles/ Loving devotion/ Pours in/ Radiance of union/ Emanates ..."

Gold Currency A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"An heirloom for posterity? / No, the intrinsic value always bequeathed/ Is the standard price of liberty ..."

The Month of Assu
[September 15 - October 14] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

"Come/ O Beloved!/ The soul bride/ Sorrows/ Waning/ Pleading .../ Lost in duality/ Strayed/ Alone ..."

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