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The Month of Vaisakh
[April 13 - May 13] by INNI KAUR

Glorious Vaisakh / Boughs adorned. / I, too, / Yearn for adornment. / Whispers ... / I hear whispers ...    

Beyond Unspoken Words:
Of Sticks, Stones and Bullies A Poem by PARVINDER MEHTA

"I will sing the clarion call to others / to shed the cacophony of jarring / hateful words and instead embrace / the mellow rhythms and musical strokes ..."

Daljit Nagra: The Bard of Dollis Hill by SUCHITRA BAJPAI CHAUDHARY

He includes vivid images of Punajb in many of his poems: "pink kameez with ballooned bottoms'', "mustard oiled trail of hair" and "brocaded pink sandals".

The Month of Phalgun
[February 13 - March 13] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

The Guru has bestowed /This Unity /The Soul bride / Finds the beloved /In her own dwelling / In the month of Phalgun – culminating ...

The Month of Maagh
[January 13 - February 12] Poems translated from Punjabi by GURMEET KAUR

I make / A journey / Inside / Of me... In stillness / To be / Virtuous, Free of filth, And One with thee ...

Bhai Nand Lal Goya's Songs of Guru Gobind Singh by HARINDER SINGH

Nand Lal's words transcend time and space to touch His splendor; they describe the aesthetic beauty of the Guru in its multiple dimensions of perfection

Voices of The Children of The Gurus, Part II:
Dalit Punjabi Literature by RAJ KUMAR HANS

There must be social, structural and psychological reasons for the exclusion of Dalit poets from the history of Punjabi Literature. We need to unravel the sources of the silence, neglect and exclusion.

Voices of The Gurus' Children, Part I by RAJ KUMAR HANS

The virus of Brahmanism had so afflicted the Indian mind over the millennium that it would spring back the demon of untouchability from time to time even in the areas of its weakest linkage.

Raw Impulses A Poem by PARVINDER MEHTA

The roads do not question its travelers,/ selflessly taking us to our destination ... The flowers do not ask us about our gods/ merely pleasing with fragrance and beauty ...

The Coronation A Poem by PARVINDER MEHTA

"... these multiple folds / of dedication and tradition / inheritance and reverence, / commitment and allegiance, / a disciple’s acknowledgment ..."

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