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Two kinds of greens are used to prepare this recipe - mustard leaves and spinach leaves.

Do You Need to be a Vegetarian to Lead a Healthy Life? KAREN KAPLAN

Different types of vegetarian diets produced different types of benefits.

Punjabi Flavours Rule in Sikh-Canadian Stronghold:
Brampton, Ontario, Canada DAKSHANA BASCARAMURTY

Onions, garlic and ginger are the aromatic trinity of Punjabi cooking.

Eating Fish Gives Older Adults an Edge KAREN FELDSCHER

It could lower mortality risk substantially, especially from heart disease.

Punjaban de Rasoi:
The Doyennes of Punjabi Dining in Edinburgh LAURA PIPER

The sharing of food is how we were brought up.

Punjabi Egg Curry HONEY, WHAT'S COOKING?

This dish is heavenly when eaten with a bowl of hot rice.

Heavenly Subs at New York's Tastee Curritos ROBERT SIETSEMA

Chicken Achari Sub. The idea is pure genius.

Lunch With Mrs Wilkes T. SHER SINGH

MONDAY. NOVEMBER 5, 2012:   She knows of a place that’ll be just right, she says. She stands up and gives me an animated series of instructions of how to get there. I catch her enthusiasm ...

Supperclub Presents Hardeep Singh MALIKA DALAMAL

Need a holiday? Take a trip to Punjab and the subcontinent via Notting Hill (London, England), thanks to a new series at the Supperclub - the West London restaurant / performance space.

My Take on Healthy Diets KATHLEEN TROTTER

You can be a healthy or an unhealthy vegetarian. You can be a healthy or unhealthy meat eater ... The act of eliminating any one particular food does not automatically make you healthy or unhealthy.

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