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Michelin Starred Delight in Nottingham:
Restaurant Sat Bains by SUDI PIGOTT

The owner-chef's Sikh upbringing shows through in idiosyncratic spicing - like his sweet-and-sour jus made from Douglas fir pine ...

Veggies From The Tandoor DECCAN CHRONICLE

Though the tandoor-style of cooking is best suited for meats, one mustn't overlook the fact that most Punjabi meals are vegetarian.

Fruit Kebabs by KAMAL KAUR

Making these lovely fruit kebabs is one way to get finicky kids to take in their daily quota of fruits. They're also great on a birthday party menu.

Hardeep Singh Kohli: Scotland's New Ambassador NEWS REPORT

Celebrity broadcaster, journalist and raconteur, he is the star of a number of comedy and food stage shows, TV programs, newspaper columns, and books.

Waris Singh Ahluwalia

"I want to create an experience. I like the pause that tea allows ... So with the tea room, we've created an oasis."

A Perk of Our Evolution:
Pleasure in Pain of Chilies by JAMES GORMAN

Experts: we like chilies because they are good for us - they lower blood pressure; have antimicrobial effects; increase salivation.

How Do You Chill Chillies? by OLIVER THRING

Many of us relish the thrill and pain, the agony and ecstasy of the tropical pepper. Some, it seems, will always like it hot.

The World's Largest Eatery by LYDIA POLGREEN

It is more than food ... Once you eat it, you forget who is cooking, who is serving it, who is sitting next to you ... Here I feel a feeling of peace.

Punjabi Chicken & Saag by BECKY

With the rain thundering down, I am desperate for comfort food, but conscious of the need for a hit of green as well.

Punjabi Lachha (Coiled) Parantha A RECIPE

 Another delicious parantha from the great cuisine from the north of the subcontinent - this one with a touch of pastry in its flaky layers.

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