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Sikh Turbans Grace Canadian Olympic Team by CLEVE DHEENSAW

You don't even have to ask the colour of the opening ceremonies turbans. "Canadian red, of course", says Ravi Singh Kahlon.

Milkha Singh
The Flying Sikh by ROHIT BRIJNATH

Discipline, hard work, will power: he says the words with the devotion of a man nursing prayer beads.

Scottish & Proud of it by JONATHAN RENNIE

Their fame has become worldwide. Between the seven men, they estimate a total haul of at least 1000 medals.

Four Sikh-Canadians in Olympics Field Hockey

Field Hockey has the distinction of being the largest team sport played by both men and women in the world.

Kabbaddi Makes Football Look Like T-Ball by DANIEL GIRARD

Almost all is fair in a sport which dispenses with the niceties of padding and helmets. Just don't pull down your opponent's shorts.

Navraj Singh Bassi: Football's New Rough Rider by GUR KIRPAL SINGH ASHK

The 6-foot-6-inch-tall Sikh footballer will play for Grey Cup champions, the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


Legend states that the Punjabi Warrior has stared into the abyss and the earth trembled at his gaze.


Darsh Singh, the team co-captain, has appeared in every game, and every time he plays, he makes a statement.

Flying Singh Wins Auto Rally by PAUL TAN, et al.

Clocking 2:11:02, Karamjit Singh and co-driver Jagdev Singh finished in first place.  

Monty's Turn: My Story So Far A Book Review by INDARJIT SINGH

Monty acknowledges his debt to the discipline of his faith, but he does not wear his religion on his sleeve.

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