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World-Class Cyclist - At a Youthful 73! by KHUSHWANT SINGH

73 years old, Pritam Singh bicycles 260 km everyday, just to keep his blood warm.

Female Tiger by JOHN HOPKINS [Times Online]

Remember the name. It is going to crop up again and again. Kiran Matharu, a Sikh who was 18 in February, started to play golf at 11 and within six months had represented Yorkshire, England.

The Knight Riders by KHUSHWANT SINGH

With a feather-tuft aigrette adorning their brown turbans, the horsemen from the Punjab Public School in Nabha are widely known as the kalgi wale riders.

Punjab's Rural Olympics

Imagine the Highland Games. Throw in Canada's Annual Plowing Match. Add a pinch of the Olympics ...  And you'll find yourself in Qila Raipur. That is, robust Punjab at its showy best.

Sikh-Brit Boxer Wins Award

Akaash Bhatia, the UK's first professional Sikh Boxer, won the award
for the 'Most Up and Coming Sports Personality of the Year' on February 3, 2007, reports BOXING PRESS.

A New Cricket Star: Ravinder Singh Bopara by SANDEEP DWIVEDI

The young cricketer had a role play when England floored the Aussies during last year's Ashes tour.

Monty Royale by Vishavjit Singh

As a Sikh American I don't follow cricket. We have football - the one where the ball rarely makes contact with the foot - and we have basketball and baseball. All of this changed when Mudhsuden Singh, aka Monty, made his grand entrance on the English cricket scene. I follow cricket now. Actually, only English cricket to be precise.

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