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Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Good by GRETCHEN REYNOLDS

Dr. Lehmann does not have a car and walks everywhere, and although he lives in Washington, a cauldron of stress induction, he describes himself as a “pretty calm guy.”

International Football Association Bans Islamic Women's Head-scarves by THOMAS ERDBRINK

The officials decided just before the kickoff that the tight headscarves the Iranian players were wearing to cover their hair broke the association’s dress code.

Khalsa Day & Hockey Night:
What It Means To Be Canadian by CHRIS FRIEL

This Khalsa Day was a revolutionary learning day for me as I felt a greater understanding of the Canadian lives of one of the world's great civilizations.

The Sikh Motorcycle Club by CHARLIE SMITH

Members of The Sikh Motorcycle Club - there are 95 - followed the ceremonial Vancouver police motorcyclists at the start of the parade.

Sikh-American Fences To All-American Honors: Amrit Kaur Bhinder by PENN ATHLETICS

Sophomore Amrit Kaur Bhinder fenced her way to All-America status on the final day of fencing at the NCAA Championships.

Sikh Cricketer Yuvraj Singh:
'The Man of The 2011 World Cup' NEWS REPORTS

In nine matches, including six in the league phase, the Punjab-born Yuvraj amassed 362 runs and took 15 wickets with his slow left-arm spinners.

Superman Fauja Singh Turns 100 by NISTHA CHUGH

It appears that to be a successful marathoner, first and foremost - you need a big heart!

Ludhiana's Jimmy Singh Hansra Bats For Canada by NIDHI SINGHI

It's here that the young Sikh-Canadian used to pad up for gully cricket not more than a decade ago, and is today part of Canada's Cricket World Cup team.

Indian Cricket: Raised & Nurtured in Patiala by PARVESH SHARMA

Bhupinder Singh was a great cricketer. The Brabourne Stadium at Bombay was largely his creation and the Southern Pavilion at Amritsar was also built by him.

Who Let The Dogs Out by CHANDER SUTA DOGRA

Each race is like a carnival, with the villagers chipping in not just for the prize money, but also for pakorras, chai and hearty Punjabi meals.

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