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Ben Hur ... a la Qila Raipur by KANCHAN VASDEV & MOHIT KHANNA

"I have specially kept eight buffaloes and all the dairy produce is consumed at home. I am not suffering from any disease. No ailment can dare touch me."

En Garde! These Students Use Weapons In School by BOB PAPALIS

"It's a form of chess, actually, because your opponent reacts to what you do and you have to be able to predict what they are going to do ..."

Dubai's Mother and Son Team: Winning Golf Duo NEWS REPORT

Satnam Kaur and Sandeep Singh completed several firsts for the golf competition in their match at The Address Montgomerie Dubai.

Sikhs in The City: Staying Fit For Free by AJIT SINGH

After I've completed a run, I feel completely happy - I'm on top of the world. My health is good and I find that I'm always in a good mood.

Standing Tall: Satnam Singh's NBA Dreams by VINAYAK BHUSHAN PADMADEO

His father, Balbir Singh, himself a "7-feet-plus" who always dreamt of playing top-level basketball, thinks it's all going to pay off.

How Milkha Singh Became The Flying Sikh by ANUJA JAISWAL

He stopped one of the Mullahs who had come to bless his opponent to say a prayer for him as well. "I too am a man of God!"

Brar Bells:
Sunny Kaur Follows Her Bliss ... Into The Olympics DAILY MAIL

The 25-year-old has ditched her job as a real estate agent to put all her effort into going for gold in 2012.

Where Are The Commonwealth Games Fans? by RANDY STARKMAN

Rs. 70,000 crores - approx. US $16 billion - spent by this third-world country - and NO FANS are attending the events! Check the photos!

Rough and Tumble:
A Game Called Kabbadi by MICK MEENAN

The shirtless men circled and lunged at each other under the bright sun as the crowds watched, rapt, from the sidelines.

Sikh LionHearts (Sherdils) Meet Brit Royals for Polo by PRABHJOT SINGH

The last time the two rival groups met for chukkas was 7 decades ago when the Patiala Tigers took on the British Royalty.

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