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Harmandip Singh: New Jersey's Rising Basketball Champion by TOM RIMBACK

At a lanky 6-foot-4, he would stand out anyway. Add in his full beard and turban, and ...

Footloose and Fancy Free:
Gatka, The Dance of the Sword by GURU SINGH KHALSA

From a 6-yr-old to a 6-ft giant, they put on quite a show!

Sikh Sports Illustrated:
Calendar 2009 by SONIA KAUR DHAMI

Sikh men and women have gained world-class stature and brought in awards for their home countries everywhere.

Canada's Hockey Night in Punjabi by RAVEENA AULAKH

Hockey Night in Canada's Punjabi experiment is so successful, it's ready to be expanded!

Dara Singh - Arnold's Forerunner by IANS

As a world wrestling champion, a movie star and a politician, he fore-shadowed the body-builder and thespian who now plays the role of Governor of the State of California.

Hockey Night in Canada ... With a Punjabi Accent! by KEVIN McGRAN

"He shoots, he scores! Maahriaa shot, keeta goal!"

Best Foot Forward by LYNDSAY MOSS

As he crossed the finish line, Fauja Singh issued a rallying call to couch potatoes and gym-dodgers: "If I can do it, anyone can do it".

Monty Panesar: The Quiet Hero THE SUN

There is none of Ronaldo's arrogance, Pietersen's swagger or Beckham's bling.

Sikh Gifts India Its First Gold BBC NEWS

Until now, India has never won an individual Olympic title before this Sikh-Indian's success.

Sikh-Canadians March in Glory:
Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing special

Five Sikh-Canadians did their nation and the Sikh world proud, as they marched in the opening ceremonies, adorned in their red dastaars.

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