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The Dhaad Drum Of The Sikh Bards M. LALITHA & M. NANDINI

Shaped like an hour-glass, this percussion instrument is unique to Punjab and accompanies Sikh bardic music.

Punjab’s Inimitable Troubadour:
Hazara Singh Ramta
August 1, 1926 - September 6, 2017 T. SHER SINGH

Ramta was a phenomenon on the Punjabi music scene.

String Fest:
Festival Of Plucked And Bowed Instruments -
Raginder Singh On Violin,
Gurdev Singh On Dilruba SAMA Arts

Stemming from the Sikh and Punjabi Classical music traditions.

From Classical Music to 'Hotline Bling':
Meet the Sikh American Violinist Creating 'Universal Music'
Raginder Singh NBC NEWS

“I want my identity to be known with my music.”

Where Every Child Knows Raags:
The Magic of Sikh Classical Music NAMITA DEVIDAYAL

"Their addiction is music; it is a shortcut to the divine …"

Where Punjabi Folk Meets Soul:
Amrit Kaur Lohia OZY

Those long-as-hell notes she pulls. “It’s like letting my heart scream!”

Beyond The Letter Of The 'Law' DYA SINGH

Under the guise of 'kacchi bani' anything except recitation of gurbani is now increasingly forbidden.

Redemption Song:

The unparalleled beauty of “Tum Apna Ranj-O-Gham” …

Flight of the Melody NEWS REPORT

A journey through Punjabi Folk, Khyaal, and Sikh Gurbani Kirtan.

Sikh Classical Music:

Beyond its formidable folklore lies an endearing classicism.

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