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Musical Inspiration GEORGE VARGA

Hargo has empathetic band mates who help make his songs their own. With more exposure, the group has the potential to make an impact across -- and beyond -- San Diego County.

Bhai Santa Singh Raagi:
The Great Bard of Divine Music HARJAP SINGH AUJLA

Soon after completing his education at the Yateemkhana (Sikh Orphanage), Bhai Santa Singh was employed as a hazoori raagi at the Darbar Sahib during the 1920s

Dhol-Drums in Punjab:
Jahan Geet Kaur Singh VIKAS KAHOL

The 14-year-old girl from Chandigarh has broken the glass ceiling. She is one of the few, and definitely the youngest, female dhol player around.

On The Pride Stage:
Sikh Knowledge CHRIS DART

Montreal-based Sikh-Canadian artist talks about what makes a good MC and compares beats to "bears" and "twinks."

Singing in Raag Gauri GURMUKH SINGH

In the recordings, the deep spirituality of the ardaas is felt in shabads like "hey sansaar taap harnay" (GGS:1358) as the angelic voices sing in perfect harmony to effortless changes in taal (beat).

Mysterious Lady:
Parvyn Kaur Singh by PARIS POMPOR

Parvyn Kaur Singh is bubbly despite exhaustion. The Melbourne-based Sikh-Aussie singer has just finished her ''day job'' leading hordes of schoolchildren through modern dance basics.

Harshdeep Kaur:
Language No Bar PINK VILLA

She learned music from her father and started singing at the age of six. Other than exploring different styles of music like Punjabi and Indian classical, Western classical and world music, she is also known for her Sufi songs.

The Birth Pangs of Dya Singh's World Music GURMUKH SINGH

Dya Singh’s quest for distinctly Sikh world-music which appeals to the universal music ear, continues. Meeting Craig Pruess and working with him has given a further musical dimension to this work in progress.

The Dispeller of Sorrow, The Purveyor of Hope CD Review by SANGAT SINGH

The young follow Dya Singh, the minstrel, around as they would the Pied Piper of lore, to get his autograph, talk to him, or just throw a high-five with him.

Urban Turban:
New Music From Cornershop by SHARIN BHATTI

Ready with the release of their eight album, Urban Turban, Cornershop’s songwriting force Tjinder Singh talks about its Punjabi influences and elements.

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