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Sikh-Malaysian Brothers Storm Onto World Music Scene by SEAN YOUNG

Two Sikh brothers nicknamed "Malaysia's Bhangra Ambassadors" are on their way to becoming international hit-makers in Punjabi dance music.

Bhai Baldeep Singh:
Preserving A Legacy by CHARANDEEP SINGH

He has undertaken the task of preservation and documentation of the classical musical traditions of the Sikhs.

Bhangra Tsunami Hits New York by ASHISH SHARMA

Midnight. Downtown New York, SOB's nightclub. Packed crowd. High energy. Performers emerge, wearing puggris, kurtas and lunghis. The girls sport salwar-kameezes and dupattaas.

Going Bubbley at The Cornershop by JOHN LEWIS

Some of the hallmarks of Punjabi folk music - including melismatic vocals, dhol drums, the twang of the one-string toombi - are set against Cornershop's distinctively eccentric take on hip-hop.

Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa: Tribute to Doyenne of Gurmat Sangeet Dr. Pashaura Singh

She encouraged us with her wisdom and experience to live with devotion to an honest and spiritual life, imbibing the spirit of the Guru Granth Sahib into our lives.

Unique Partnership: Ghulam Ali & Bhai Nirmal Singh by PERNEET SINGH

Noted Pakistani Ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali has joined hands with former Hazuri Raagi Bhai Nirmal Singh to record a CD of ‘shabads'.

Revelling in The Bhangra by AIDA AHMAD

Harcharan Singh's Bhangra group is a multi-racial mix of people who revel in the spirit of the folk music and dance tradition that originated in Punjab.

Celebration & Hope
Sikh Sacred Music by GURMUKH SINGH (U.K.) & I.J. SINGH (U.S.A.)

Gurpreet Kaur and the Gurmat Gian Group have produced an exquisite set of six CD's with hymns from the Guru Granth in each of the 31 raags.

A Punjabi Anthem For The Pittsburgh Steelers by DAN GIGLER

BlackMahal, a San Francisco band, has created possibly the most unique Steelers song to come down the pike, ever, called Black, Gold & Silver.

Kiran Kaur Ahluwalia: Aam Zameen - Common Ground by BOB CLARK

Kiran has gone beyond even the realm of melding Portugese fado, and Punjabi and Indian classical forms - to the Tuareg grooves of the Malian Sahara.

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