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Sikh-American Teenager Raps Against Bullying by NIKITA GARIA

Experts agree that the bullying of Asian Americans, and South Asians in particular, is a major problem in the U.S. and say that 9/11 contributed to an increase in the phenomenon in recent years.

The Sarangi and The Crusader by MANAV MANDER

Expressing concern over the traditional art forms losing their sheen today, she says that somewhere along the line, parents are also to be blamed for this scenario.

The Minstrel:
Sikh-Aussie Dya Singh by MINNA ZUTSHI

I have had the best of the East and the West. My music remained fairly ‘eastern’ while I was growing up in Malaysia. Once I migrated to UK, and then to Australia, I started appreciating different kinds of music.

Hustle and Rhyme: Humble The Poet, a.k.a. Kanwar Singh by SHARIN BHATTI

“You know, as a Sardar, I get a lot of female attention. I love cars and fun-loving people. Social activism is a hobby for me and I will always have things to say and toast about.”

L-FRESH The LION: Blown Away Down Under by DAVE DRAYTON

Any tips for young musos? Be a master by always being a student. Be loud enough to roar yet silent enough to listen. Learn to see with your eyes closed. And then, just be.

Bhai Ghulam Chaand: The Rababi From Lahore by JAGJIT KLAR, et al

He moved to Lahore in 1947, when Punjab was partitioned and Pakistan was created. There, as with many other rababis who were forced to uproot, he had no more sangat to sing to ...

Madan Gopal Singh:
A King-Size Life by NONIKA SINGH

To be in the fakiri mode for him is to live life king size. Let others be dazzled by the razzmatazz, for Madan Gopal, with honesty and sincerity of purpose as companions, life is all about capturing its intrinsic essence.

The Golden Voice Lives on: Jagjit Singh 1941 - 2011 INDIA TODAY

In a recent interview, he had regretted the fact that devotion and practice were disappearing from music at a time when everyone was running after instant fame.

No Stopping Hargo by SCOTT McDONALD

Always fighting against preconceived notions and expectations, more than anything else, the path to his goal thus far has been marked by serendipitous opportunity and a refusal to be conventionalized.

Harshdeep Kaur
New Singing Sensation by SHALINI SHAH

“I was very lucky that a Sikh prayer that I've been singing since childhood was what I sang for A.R. Rahman, that too when I was starting out ..."

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