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The Cobra
Living Sikhi, Lesson Seven by VERONICA SIDHU

This saakhi teaches us that we are interconnected with Nature and our environment. 

The Cattle Grazer
Living Sikhi, Lesson Six by VERONICA SIDHU

All of us make mistakes.How and what do we learn from our mistakes?

At School
Living Sikhi - Lesson Five by VERONICA SIDHU

If we are all children of the same God, how should we treat each other?

Living Sikhi - Lesson Four by VERONICA SIDHU

What should a child do if confronted by a bully, or witnessing someone else being bullied?

The First Vaisakhi: A Children's Play by INNI KAUR

The year was 1699. Our Guru, Gobind Rai, sent out a call: "Come, my fellow-Sikhs and celebrate Vaisakhi with me at Anandpur!"

The Child
Living Sikhi - Lesson Three by VERONICA SIDHU

How did the child Nanak behave with his friends?

Living Sikhi - Lesson Two by VERONICA SIDHU

Learning about God the Father and the Mother, Guru, Waheguru, Nanak ...

The Examined Life, Age 8 by ABBY GOODNOUGH

Prof. Wartenberg and his students use 8 picture books to introduce children to the major fields of philosophy.

Introducing - A New Section: 'Kids Corner' by VERONICA SIDHU

The lessons that will appear every Friday can be taught to a family of children or a class at your gurdwara.

Seeds are Beginnings
Living Sikhi - Lesson One by VERONICA SIDHU

When you were born, God planted a beautiful seed in you called the light of life.

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