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True Prayer:
Living Sikhi, Lesson Sixteen by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak's lesson on how to properly, sincerely and meaningfully say a prayer.

Punjab, Birthplace of the Sikhs
Living Sikhi - Lesson Fifteen by VERONICA SIDHU

This week, we learn about the Land of the Five Rivers - the region's geographical boundaries, its climate and crops, and culture.

Sikh War Heroes Remembered at Neuve Chapelle by RASNAAM SINGH TIWANA (age 10)

Prince Charles laid down a wreath and then it was my turn to get up and recite the poem in front of everyone ...

We Are All Brothers & Sisters
Living Sikhi - Lesson Fourteen by VERONICA SIDHU

We are all children of the same One God, regardless of which religion we believe in - or race, colour, language, nationality ...

Nanak Shows The Way
Living Sikhi - Lesson Thirteen by VERONICA SIDHU

This week's lesson looks at the path shown by Guru Nanak to achieve oneness with God, the Creator of all.

Nanak The Guru
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twelve by VERONICA SIDHU

The story of Nanak who emerges after three days in the River to say: "There is no Hindu, There is no Mussalman!"

The Important Women Who Nurtured Nanak
Living Sikhi, Lesson Eleven by VERONICA SIDHU

Mata Tripta, Bibi Nanaki and Bibi Sulakhni played an important role in young Nanak's early and adult life.

Three Golden Rules
Living Sikhi, Lesson Ten by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak taught us to serve the needy by applying ourselves with our body, mind and all our worldly possessions.

Review & Exam
Living Sikhi, Lesson Nine by VERONICA SIDHU

It's time to go over what we have learned in the eight weeks to date, through the life of the boy, Nanak.

The Good Bargain
Living Sikhi, Lesson Eight by VERONICA SIDHU

Only our good deeds and our love of God will go with us. That is why young Nanak chose to feed the hungry.

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