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Dreams of Hope: A Bedtime Lullaby A Book Review by MEETA KAUR

There have been a few select books that help the children wind down from their long days of school and play and ease into a peaceful night of deep rest. This one of them.

Let's All Plant Trees This Lohri by HARNOOR SINGH GILL

Tree-planting is a great way to help preserve the environment and a great way to experience nature’s beauty. So why not kick-off this year’s Lohri by helping the environment by planting one tree at a time!

Snow Singhs and Snow Kaur by PARDEEP SINGH NAGRA

Believe it or not, it requires a recipe: just the right type of snowfall, the right temperature to make the snow ideal for packing and rolling up, the right technique, the right focus ... and a dollop of patience.

Children To Run Gurdwara by CATRIN NYE

The devotional songs or kirtan are shorter so that the children don't get bored. The Punjabi language is also replaced with English, or at least translated, so everyone can understand.

The Good Bargain Translated from Punjabi by BIMAL KAUR

Nanak stood quietly, with his head bowed. Suddenly Kalu ji lifted his hand and slapped him across his cheek. His anger more inflamed, he raised his hand yet again and slapped him on the other cheek.

My First Sikh Books Book Review by SAPREET KAUR SALUJA

This packaged set of two board books and two coloring books in a fun carrying case for kids is spectacular. The images are contemporary and fresh. The colors are vibrant.

Ik Chota Bacha & Other Sikh Nursery Rhymes CD & Book Review by GURMEET KAUR

It joins the children’s treasure-chest of inspiring and innovative media resources with a strong Sikh message - the first in its class of nursery rhymes in Punjabi.

A Happy Family:
Living Sikhi, Lesson # 31 by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak found that when people actually practiced the Three Golden Rules, they lived well and were happy and content.

Conquer Your Mind, Conquer The World
Living Sikhi, Lesson # 30 by VERONICA SIDHU

Accepting God's Will and feeling gratitude to God for our lives brings contentment. It is a wonderful feeling that we need nothing more than God's Grace.

A Jealous Fakir
Living Sikhi, Lesson # 29 by VERONICA SIDHU

The opposite of jealousy is "contentment" which is "santokh" in Punjabi. Being satisfied with what we have is what contentment means.

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