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Buttons, Jump Ropes & Chocolate Cake by JASMINE KAUR

The two eldest children, six and eight years old, had been asked to share the saakhi of Bhikhan Shah and Gobind Rai with the group.

Malaysian Sikh Youth Camp Dazzles Participants by SARBAN SINGH

Whatever was broken was fixed, floors were polished, toilets were cleaned and the school's surroundings spruced up to ensure the participants had a memorable stay.

Thoughts on a Cold, December Day by ANGAD SINGH

The sun was shining, but my hands were cold, my ears were frozen and my cheeks were numb after spending a few hours outside.

Hey Kids! Know Some Good Santa Jokes? by MICHELE GIBSON

Like a true Sikh, Santa Singh is always in Chardi Kalaa. Here are a few Santa jokes I have found which tell us about his true nature.

Guru Nanak & The Siddhs
Living Sikhi - Lesson #28 by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak: It is much safer to follow Waheguru's instructions as found in the Guru Granth Sahib, and not to be misled by human beings.

God is Everywhere
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Seven by VERONICA SIDHU

In Mecca, and in Jaganath Puri where he sang his aarti,  Guru Nanak taught us this message.

Disney, Barbie, Dora?
Here's an Alternative! by ROMA KAUR

Three women from diverse backgrounds have come together to create this interactive space for families and develop resources for parents.

The Travels of Guru Nanak
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Six by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak traveled far and wide, even to other continents, to spread the message of equality.

Kauda the Cannibal
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Five by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak's heart was moved to feel sorrow and sympathy for such unfortunate souls. 

Duni Chand of Lahore
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Four by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak gave Duni Chand - who loved his wealth and worldly possessions - a little needle, and asked him to take it with him when he died.

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