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Canadian Hero:
Mewa Singh Shaheed Based on an article by MELANIE HARDBATTLE

Mewa Singh's 'barsi' -- death anniversary -- is celebrated as a grand mela in British Columbia every year.

Chasing the Dragon:
The Diaspora Diaries, Vol 5 SARBPREET SINGH

Most of the early Sikh settlers who arrived in the US and Canada came from Shanghai or Hong Kong.

Grandpa Relives the Ghadar Days RAVLEEN KAUR

100 yrs later, Kapur Singh's eldest son, Ajit, sits cross-legged in a grassy park along the broad mouth of the Columbia ...

The Ghadar Revolution KIRPAL SINGH

They were the first to declare that their aim was Independence ... long before Mohandas Gandhi straggled along.

The Sikh-American Revolt Against British Colonizers STEVE LAW

Johanna Ogden studied the Sikh pioneers of the US Northwest.

A Pride of Lions:
A Display on War & Sikhs MELISSA VAN DER KLUGT

McCosh’s portraits are a glimpse of 19th-century Punjab and its capital, Lahore.

The Birth of a Revolution ... Remembered: Diaspora Diaries SARBPREET SINGH

I strongly encourage our readers to travel to Astoria on October 4/5, 2013.

Gentleman - Aristocrat:
Gian Singh Rarewala ROOPINDER SINGH

He was instrumental in making Punjabi the official language of the Sikh Kingdom of Patiala.

Ancient Inscription Referring to 1511 Guru Nanak Visit to Sri Lanka Found NEWS REPORTS

Guru Nanak visited Sri Lanka during one of his four long journeys.

What Makhan Singh Means to Me AMARJIT SINGH CHANDAN

His name was repeated in our household time and again ...

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