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India Abandons Its Dubious Claim To Sikh Heirloom:

It was last worn by the Sikh Emperor before it was smuggled to England by the Brits.

Canadian Govt To Offer Formal Apology In Parliament To Sikh-Canadians For Komagata Maru Incident WANYEE LI

“We should never forget the prejudice suffered by the Sikh community …”

Sikh Princess,
British Crusader:
Sophia Duleep Singh SARIKA SHARMA

An exotic princess, Queen Victoria's goddaughter, a high-society darling, a leader of a national movement ...

The Magic Of Kartarpur - IV SANGAT SINGH

“The entire world is His chaunka. Come sit with us and let’s break bread together.”




The Magic Of Kartarpur - III SANGAT SINGH

Guru Nanak embraced Mardana as a brother.

The Magic Of Kartarpur - II SANGAT SINGH

It was time for Guru Nanak to decide who to pass on the Guruship. 

The Magic of Kartarpur SANGAT SINGH

One day Guru Nanak was going to his fields when he saw an elderly Sikh standing in front of two big piles of grain.

Sikh-Aussie Discovers Anzac Ancestor Who Served In World War I:
Private Desanda Singh MANPREET KAUR SINGH

Archives reveal that Desanda Singh of the 3rd Light Horse Regiment was deployed in Egypt during 1917-18.

It Can Happen Again:
Indira Gandhi Suspended Democracy in 1976 And Became Dictator MIHIR S SHARMA

Forty years on, don’t think the Emergency is just history. It’s a warning …

Gallipoli 1915-2015:
National Memorial Service -
London, United Kingdom NEWS REPORTS

"100 yrs later, we are assembled here to once again honour that bravery …"

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