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The Saga of The Komagata Maru:

Mackenzie King became the architect of the forthcoming racist immigration policies and initiatives.

World War I Sikh-Canadian Soldier Lays at Rest,

"I didn’t think of our safety at all but felt that the Guru Maharaj was fighting in me ..."

Big Man Yerranderie:
Sikh-Aussie Pioneer Bud Singh MANPREET KAUR SINGH

There is a humorous account about a time that Bud felt “spurned”, but he avenged the insult to his “stature” quite publicly.

Remembering Australia's Sikh War Heroes BEN COLLINS

At Gallipoli, 379 Sikh officers died on the 4th of June in 1915; it virtually wiped out the 14th Sikh Regiment.

Manta Singh and The Battle of Neuve Chapelle THE COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES COMMISSION

As soon as he left school he joined the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs, an infantry regiment of the British-Indian Army.

Between A Mosque and a Madrassah:
Karachi’s Ratan Talao Gurdwara AKHTAR BALOUCH

With a sad smile on his face, he said: “You must know why no records of it can be found.”

A Page From History:
What Sikhs Can Do When They Set Their Mind To It Text by HARI RAM GUPTA, Intro & Photos by AMARDEEP SINGH

"Guru Gobind Singh’s Khalsa closed the gateways upon the external enemy and clubbed the internal one."

Crafting The Tools of Sikh Sovereignty:
The Sikligar Sikhs SANTBIR SINGH

They have shared in our Nation’s collective history and trauma ...

The Three Fakir Brothers of The Sikh Court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh:
A New Book by Their Descendant, Fakir Aijazuddin BOOK LAUNCH

“If we were to be blessed with material wealth, we would bow in humility because of our name ...”

The Stalwarts Who Inspired Malaysia's Sikh Naujawan Sabha SANGAT SINGH

“No, I don’t know him yet but I will get to know him for sure”, I told them. 

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