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Violent Nations:
1984 and The Othering of Sikhs -
A Conference Examining India as a Violent Nation HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK

Senior Congress Confidant Steps Forward To Confirm Detailed Planning Of 1984 Pogrom:
Names Mass-Murderer Arun Nehru DHIRENDRA K. JHA

Indian Govt's former petroleum secretary reveals that Rajiv Gandhi aide Arun Nehru had sanctioned the violence.

India’s 1984 Massacres:
Thirty Years of Impunity MANOJ MITTA

By any standards of the civilized world, Delhi 1984 is one of a kind, a monstrosity without a parallel.

Sins of Commission HARTOSH SINGH BAL

How thirty years and nine official inquiries obscured the truth of India's 1984 anti-Sikh violence ...

Kultars Mime
Staged at Harvard -

Each cast member gave a compelling performance full of spirit, cruel irony, tears, and courage.

Please Help Stage a Play on 1984:
A Few Bucks From You Will Go a Long Way ... INDIEGOGO

The production team aspires to take the show to Delhi in October 2014 after staging it in various North American cities.

Golden Temple

In Delhi in 1984 the adage was completely inverted: books were burned after burning people.

Remembering The 1984 Pogroms THE WIENER LIBRARY

1984: Jis tann lãgé soee jãné” by photographer Gauri Gill ...

Silence of The Lambs:
1984 Victims of Congress Govt’s Crimes Continue to Suffer Under BJP Rule ANIL DHIR

The survivors' safe haven is now a crime ridden ghetto ...

Has Anything Changed in India?
Film on Indira’s Execution by India’s Elite Security Force Barred From Indian Theatres SUHASINI RAJ & NIDA NAJAR [Edited by SIKHCHIC.COM]

CEO of India’s Central Board of Film Certification arrested for bribes.

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