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The Life Of A Sikh An Interview With INNI KAUR

Inni Kaur speaks to Hazel Kanan in a radio interview ...

‘If We Don’t Talk About Our History, Who Will?’
A New Film About The Survivors Of 1984 DAMINI KULKARNI

“I wondered how they came out of their trauma and started healing …”

Wounds That Never Heal:
Operation Bluestar PRITAM SINGH

Puncturing and demolishing, the dishonest state-directed narratives of Operation Bluestar.

Operation BlueStar A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

'Blue Star' is the name given by astronomers to giant, aging stars which explode and become large, black holes. 

Golden Temple

In Delhi in 1984 the adage was completely inverted: books were burned after burning people.

June 1984:
I Was Kneading Bread A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

" A continent away. A woman, not much older,/ Was plotting military strategy ..."

The Seeds of Tyranny, Part II Prof. PURAN SINGH

"The truly Democratic Constitution should not allow one community to get into power and work mischief through the democratic institutions to crush the other ..."

The Seeds of Tyranny

"Any Constitution coming in here like this essentially means the domination of one community over all others which must be kept in a permanent state of suspended animation."

June 1984 A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Blood is murky and opaque, / It darkens history / Perverts humanity ..."

The Legacy Of India’s
Lord Haw Haw,
A Quisling Who Lived By The Goebbelsian Lie:
Mass Murderer KPS Gill T. SHER SINGH

India’s infamous mass murderer  …

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