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"No one can order anybody to unremember 84, especially not / the perpetrator ..."

What I Saw in New Delhi on November 1, 1984 M.R. NARAYAN SWAMY

Piled up shabbily like a mini mountain – like sacks of foodgrain in a warehouse – were bodies after bodies, of men and women, drenched in blood.

Are They Still Calling it a Riot Now?
Why Language Matters On The Path To Accountability SCHONA K. JOLLY

If the language surrounding 1984 is not changed, then India herself cannot change.


The dangers of exclusion, the importance of refusing exclusion, of demanding to belong, and demanding that others belong as well ...

India & Its 1984 Genocide:
30 Years On, Time for Indian Parliament to Make Amends? MANOJ MITTA

In the wake of 911, the US Congress passed a resolution “condemning bigotry and violence against Sikh-Americans“.

Nobel Laureate Recalls New Delhi’s 1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom:
Kailash Satyarthi I P SINGH

"The crime was not only against the Sikh community, but against humanity at large, against the nation ..."

US Court Summons Amitabh Bachchan To Answer Allegations Over 1984 Mass-Murders FIRST POST

Bachchan has to respond to the charges made by the Human Rights body in 21 days.

Halloween & Indiro,
The Wicked Witch of the East GURI KAUR

"We commemorate the victory of good over evil in celebrating her annual journey from hell and back to hell every Halloween ..."

Remembrance & Renewal -
Individually & Collectively T. SHER SINGH

In the memory of “those Singhs and Singhniyaan who sacrificed their lives at the altar of Sikhi …”

All In The Family:
Three Perspectives on "Kultar's Mime" BANNO KAUR BAJAJ, GITIKA KAUR BAJAJ & GLEN D'ROZARIO

The brilliance and economy of the movements is only surpassed by the ingenuity of the visual metaphors.

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