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Why We Celebrate Lohri ...
Friday, January 13 MANJYOT KAUR

The festivities are particularly meaningful to those families blessed with a recent marriage or birth, or anyone who is celebrating it for the first time.

Is Diwali A Sikh Festival?
What is Bandhi Chhor? T. SHER SINGH

When I was a child, nothing grabbed the imagination of a child more than the magic and joie de vivre of the 'day of lights'.

The Seeds of Tyranny, Part II Prof. PURAN SINGH

"The truly Democratic Constitution should not allow one community to get into power and work mischief through the democratic institutions to crush the other ..."

The Seeds of Tyranny

"Any Constitution coming in here like this essentially means the domination of one community over all others which must be kept in a permanent state of suspended animation."

Birth Of A Nation:
Part II Bhai VIR SINGH, translated from original Punjabi by BIMAL KAUR

"Your thoughts must be lofty but your hearts full of humility."

150 Years Of Change:
Canada’s First Prime Minister Meets The Country’s Current Defence Minister ANDREE LAU

"Send me an army of Sikhs …"

Birth Of A Nation:
Part I Bhai VIR SINGH, translated from original Punjabi by BIMAL KAUR

“Is there no one ready to renounce his love of life and offer me his head?”

This Needs Research - IX:
Why Are There No Descendants of Ranjit Singh And Duleep Singh Today? T. SHER SINGH

Victoria had 42 grandchildren. Duleep Singh too had 9 children … but no grandchildren.

This Needs Research - VIII:
Who Was The Bard Who Penned The Epic Poem On The War Between The Sikhs And The English? T. SHER SINGH

It was as much a part of popular Punjabi lore as ‘Heer Ranjha‘.

This Needs Research -VII:
What Do We Know About Richard Francis Burton? T. SHER SINGH

We don’t have any of his observations. Worse, we haven’t even looked for them.

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