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Duleep Singh & The Company
Chapter II A Serialized Historical Novel

He knew full well the import of the Emperor’s impending death.

Duleep Singh & The Company
Chapter I A Serialized Hiistorical Novel

I have remained a loyal servant no matter who I have been asked to serve.

Where Sikh Queens Once Resided:
The Sheikhupura Fort Text & Photography by AOWN ALI

Maharaja Ranjit Singh bestowed this fort as a “jaageer” to his queen, Rani Datar Kaur (1801-1840), the mother of the crown prince, Kharak Singh.

Sikh-Mexican American Community Fading into History BENJAMIN GOTTLIEB

Strict immigrant laws also prevented Sikhs and other Punjabis living in the United States from bringing wives from Punjab, creating a distinct problem for the community.

Policing in the Blood SIMRIT KAUR

Three generations of Amar Singh’s family have helped keep the country safe for over 100 years as members of its police force.

Stockton Gurdwara Celebrates its Centennial KEVIN PARRISH

This fall, the Stockton Gurdwara celebrates a century of history ... It is the oldest gurdwara in the United States.

Tees Hazaari, New Delhi:
Once Home of 30,000-strong Conquering Sikh Army NIVEDITA KHANDEKAR

“Sikh historic literature describes in great detail how this place was a camping ground for 30,000 brave Sikhs, led by Sardar Baghel Singh.”


The 21 Sikh soldiers were up against the ferocious Afridi and Orakzai tribes of the Pashtun - 10,000 of them.

California Enacts Legislation to Protect & Honour Sikh-Americans STEPHEN MAGAGNINI

A sea of turbans crowded around Gov Jerry Brown in the Capitol in Sacramento when he signed two bills designed to battle anti-Sikh discrimination.

The Nameless Prince of Perthshire RANJIT SINGH SHAHI

In 1865, the deposed King of the Sikhs, Maharaja Duleep Singh, buried his firstborn son, barely one day of age, in the churchyard of Kenmore, Perthshire, Scotland.

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