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Sikh-American Pioneers Finally Get Last Rites in Oregon HANK ARENDS

Two men who were born in Punjab in the 1800s finally were laid to rest last week in Oregon, thanks to the efforts of a Salem man.

The West a Role Model of Inter-Faith Harmony?
Well, Here Are Our Role Models From Yesteryear ALLAN LEVINE

"A kind of guerrilla warfare" in early Toronto.

March of The Jullundur Brigade PUSHPINDAR SINGH

"The Germans in the front trenches began to bolt, pursued by the gallant Sikhs ..."

There's Little to Celebrate in The Memory of The First World War MAHMOOD AWAN

Punjabis were cannon fodder of the colonising power ...

Letter To An Unknown Soldier:
A New Kind of War Memorial HARBINDER SINGH

You too can participate in this unique way of remembering and honouring our long-forgotten War Heroes from WW1 …

The Doughty Defender of Harmandar Sahib

"Ashes to ashes dust to dust / Their bodies fallen heroes leave / Their souls rise up to meet the Lord ...

The Doughty Defender of Harmandar Sahib

"To shining steel he bows his head / Before it’s on his person borne / A chain of steel around his neck / Shining bracelets upon his wrists ..."

The Fading Memory of Amity KHALED AHMED

The Hindus of Sindh were devotees of Guru Nanak and Guru Granth Sahib.



The French Connection B. N. GOSWAMY

St. Tropez festival gives a peep into the private lives of the Europeans, particularly the French, in Ranjit Singh's Punjab.

Empire, Faith & War:
The Sikhs and World War One UKPHA

Sikhs fought and died alongside their British, Indian and Commonwealth counterparts to serve the greater good.

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