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To this day Bluestar is an open wound for millions. The full truth may never come out? But the narrative provided by the Indian authorities does get disturbed now and then.

One By One,
India’s BJP/RSS Regime Is Setting 1984 Mass-Murderers Free PRESS TRUST OF INDIA

One of the convicted mass-murderers has demanded release because of an alleged broken hand.

Gurvinder Singh Takes 1984 India Genocide To Cannes:
Chauthi Koot -
The Fourth Direction MANOHLA DARGIS, The New York Times

A schoolteacher sitting right next to me, a 10-yr-old Sikh boy, said, ‘These Sikhs, they should be taught a lesson.’

Governments Scramble To Hide Their Shame,
As Surat Singh Continues His Struggle For Justice ANUMEHA YADAV

We are Sikhs, if anyone hits at us, we will hit back. We will not accept what is wrong and move on.”


The Fourth Direction -
Chauthi Koot:
Gurvinder Singh’s Punjabi Film On 1984 Goes To Cannes Film Festival SARIKA SHARMA

Based on Waryam Singh Sandhu’s Punjabi short stories.

India’s Other Sikh Massacre:
15 Years Ago In Chitti Singhpora -

Our wounds are legion. Yet, in the face of evil, we continue to stand tall and firm and undaunted.

Kultar’s Mime March 2015 India Tour:
Bombay, Calcutta, Bangalore, Madras, New Delhi NEWS REPORT

The production is back in India. Performances have been scheduled in five major cities.

A Stain On A Nation & Its People:
Family Of Three in India Leaves Home For First Time After 1984 Pogrom DIVYA GOYAL

The trio - identified as Nirmal Kaur, her daughter Kamaljeet Kaur and son Inderpal Singh - were forcibly removed from their home ...

Grandma Wolf To Investigate The Red Riding Hood Riot:
30 Years Later, India Appoints 21st Inquiry Into 1984 Pogroms T. SHER SINGH

Two police officers and an RSS Judge to run the show.

Like Moths, India’s Congress Commits Self-Immolation:
And Here’s How T. SHER SINGH

Ajay Maken is no ordinary Congress Party politician. He is the protégé and nephew of Lalit Maken.

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