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The Man in The Orange Turban:
Basel, Switzerland DAVID

It was the time when Sikhs were demanding independence from India.

Nostalgia ...
or Déjà vu? T. SHER SINGH

They are crying wolf again. This time, though, the wolves are their own.

Straight Talk:
An Open Letter to The Citizens of New Delhi, India T. SHER SINGH

”So ... where are all the Sikhs and their kirpans now?" he asked.

The Hollow Men:
India’s Epidemic of Gang-Rapes Reveals a Deep Rot T. SHER SINGH

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2012:  "We are the hollow men ... This is the dead land."

Sikhs Banned from Haridwar NAVJEEVAN GOPAL

The historical gurdwara in Haridwar was demolished by Hindus in 1984.

You Can't Call these Riots ... This was a Plain and Simple Massacre! Q & A with ARPANA CAUR, by ARADHNA WAL

" I worked in the relief camps ... and can’t even describe the suffering I saw there."

A Hollow Apology Cannot Wash Away Mass Murders HARTOSH SINGH BAL

The pretense of apology by the guilty may be the most effective way of denying justice to the victims.

It Still Hurts:
New Photos from 1984 SHAILAJA TRIPATHI

19-year-old Anusha Roy, student at a vocational institute, would have probably never come to know about the carnage of 1984 if it were not for this exhibit.

See How New Delhi Became the Murder Capital of the World

Here's a map of New Delhi which meticulously traces the path of India's ignominy during the first three days of November, 1984.

Is Manmohan Singh to Blame?
Remember -- Indian Bureaurcracy Today is the Same that Facilitated the 1984 Pogroms HARINDER BAWEJA

It has been six years since the order was issued on January 16, 2006, but the Delhi government is yet to provide a single job.

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