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Golden Temple

In Delhi in 1984 the adage was completely inverted: books were burned after burning people.

Remembering The 1984 Pogroms THE WIENER LIBRARY

1984: Jis tann lãgé soee jãné” by photographer Gauri Gill ...

Silence of The Lambs:
1984 Victims of Congress Govt’s Crimes Continue to Suffer Under BJP Rule ANIL DHIR

The survivors' safe haven is now a crime ridden ghetto ...

Has Anything Changed in India?
Film on Indira’s Execution by India’s Elite Security Force Barred From Indian Theatres SUHASINI RAJ & NIDA NAJAR [Edited by SIKHCHIC.COM]

CEO of India’s Central Board of Film Certification arrested for bribes.

1984 Still Haunts Us All ANIL DHIR

The genocide should be accepted and acknowledged in history books, memorials and museums.

Crackling, Tearing, Forcing Introspection:
Have You Read Jaspreet Singh's "'Helium" Yet? SHREEKUMAR VARMA

Helium is a document of past atrocity that unexpectedly rises beyond the universal to become painfully, guiltily personal.

Kultar’s Mime:
Four Children in the Aftermath of 1984
A Play Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood J. MEHR KAUR & SARBPREET SINGH

Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of 1984 with an immersive theater experience ...

One Hears That The Grass Has Grown Again JASPREET SINGH

Why then before each year comes to an end / I, like so many others, / get Novemberized?

The Doughty Defender of Harmandar Sahib

"Ashes to ashes dust to dust / Their bodies fallen heroes leave / Their souls rise up to meet the Lord ...

The Doughty Defender of Harmandar Sahib

"With folded hands The Warrior prays / Humble he stands in the Guru’s midst / May I be worthy, Lord, he says ..."

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