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Secular Nonsense on 1984 HARTOSH SINGH BAL

The selective amnesia is no aberration.

The Quest for Justice Continues:
US Court Asks -- Was Sonia Gandhi Complicit in the Crimes After the Fact? SARBPREET SINGH

Today’s torturers and murderers resemble 18th century pirates ...

A Noisy Novel About Silence:
Jaspreet Singh's Helium MARK ANTHONY JARMAN

Silence around killings can be complicity.

The Arithmetic of Mass-Murder by India's Police VISHAVJIT SINGH

He had killed over 80 innocent Sikhs in the late 1980's on the express orders of his superior officers.

Community of Lions & Lionesses -

Born and brought up in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India ...

Kush, an Award-Winning Film on New Delhi's 1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom, to be Showcased in Venice International Film Festival SHWETA PARANDE, et al

The 20-min. film will be screened in the Orizzonti section.

Who is Swimming in the Soup in India?
New Delhi, Anti-Sikh Pogrom, 1984 JASPREET SINGH

Ghostly voices enter the soups served on powerful lunch tables in the Indian capital.

Searching for the Historical Truth:
The 1984 Pogroms BETH DANESCO

History books tell “truths” skewed by patriotism, idealism, naiveté ... or design.

The Story of a Pogrom:

Would they get it? Would they care?

Kultars Mime:
A Play about The 1984 Pogroms NANCY SHOHET WEST

It's based on Sarbpreet Singh's acclaimed poem on the events of 1984.

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