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India's Incomplete Democracy RAHULDEEP SINGH GILL

The invasion of The Golden Temple by the Indian Arny is for Sikhs an event on a level with the Roman army sacking the temple at Jerusalem.

1984 Defines India Today RAJINDER PURI

On the first day, we were stunned by the strange public apathy and unconcern in India's capital over the assassination of Mrs Gandhi ...

The Night of The Restless Spirits

The soldiers do not multiply like the crowd but their faces are kaleidoscopes that change form and color every second.

The Night of The Restless Spirits

The bolt-action rifles play a different taal. The tempo, for one thing, is slower and more deliberate.

Forever Beggars:
The Pandits of India T. SHER SINGH

The Kashmiri Pandits are back in Delhi, on their knees, hands out-stretched, once again begging for alms.

Ten Thousand Pairs of Shoes:
The Silence of The 1984 Amritsar Holocaust MALLIKA KAUR

The attacks in 1984 removed forever the erstwhile barrier in the Indian psyche of attacking faith centers.

Would a Ruckus in Tiananmen Cancel its Anniversary?
Should The Orchestrated Melee in Amritsar Overshadow 1984? SIMMI KAUR

Well-orchestrated images and meticulously shot footage ...

The Missing Thousands of Punjab JASTINDER KHERA

"They tortured him for three days. Then they took him to a canal and killed him along with another detainee ..."

1984 Eyewitness:
A Young Flight Lieutenant in the Indian Air Force PUKHRAJ SINGH

The avid photographer that he was, my father had just bought a swanky new Yashica Electro-35.

Cool Repose in
The Heart of The Inferno SARBPREET SINGH

Perhaps it was his spirit that pervaded the innocent martyrs of 1984 as they faced death with courage and equanimity.

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