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Canadian Lawmaker Denied Entry into India:
Jagmeet Singh NEWS REPORT

"The Indian govt is annoyed with me for strongly raising a voice for justice for the victims of 1984..."

Gurbaksh Singh's Struggle for Justice KIRPA KAUR

In anti-Sikh and anti-minority dialogue, there is a deep sense of apathy ...

There Was No Gas in the Nazi Gas Chambers? HARTOSH SINGH BAL

There cannot, and wiill not, be any reform in India without justice on 1984!


Sikh Portrait Gallery:
The Roundtable Open Forum # 111 SATJEEV SINGH

We must never shy away from honouring those who gave their lives selflessly in the cause of freedom ...

Manufacturing Lies:

“Every act of irregularity has been committed in the name of protecting the national interest ...”

Manufacturing Lies:
The Ungodly Nexus Between the Indian Media & the Government Propaganda Machine

If anyone still thinks any of the violence in India during the 1980's emanated from any Sikh groups, read on ...

Who Are The Guilty? T. SHER SINGH

You feel leaden as you drag your feet from one display to the next ...

Judge's Honest Remarks Irk Indian Government Apologists NEWS REPORT

A eyewitness, himself a policeman, had testified that the victims were killed from “time to time” by police officers.

Make Me Do It !
The Enigma of Manmohan Singh T. SHER SINGH

It is time to turn to the elephant in the room: 1984.

Here's What the US Government Internally Knows About the 1984 Pogroms SECRET U.S. GOVT. MEMOS PUBLISHED BY WIKILEAKS

The killing by [Tytler's] henchmen apparently ensured his success in establishing Congress Party bona fides

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