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First Things First:
As The Rats Abandon the Sinking Ship T. SHER SINGH

"When ruin is imminent, the little rodents move away beforehand."


30 Yrs Later, Independent & Contemporaneous Report on 1984 Pogroms is Still Banned in India AMANINDER PAL SHARMA

The book was immediately banned in Punjab, which was then under the 'President's Rule'.

Another Sudden Recollection & Confession:
This One by the Top Man from India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) ASHISH MEHRISHI

"Jagdish Tytler had come to the office, although an accused should not have come without being summoned."

Thirty Years Later, Indian Army Officer Finds Courage to Give Eyewitness Account of 1984 Massacre Col. (Retd) BHUPINDER MALHI

"The mob systematically started searching the compartment and pulling Sikhs out of the train ..."

Thirty Years Later, Daughter of President of India Feels Brave Enough to Disclose Crucial Info About 1984 INDIA TODAY

"His calls were not returned ... lines were getting disconnected for reasons unknown ..."

Much More to Thatcher Ignominy:
What Secret British Cabinet Documents From Nov 1984 Reveal PARVINDER SINGH

"This posed a serious risk. Export contracts worth £5 billion could be at stake."

A Reckoning Awaits MINHAZ MERCHANT

A genocide (1984, India-wide) and a riot (2002, Gujarat) can’t be compared ...

Senior Aide to Former President of India & Congress Appointee Indicts Rahul Gandhi & His Party FIRST POST

PM Rajiv Gandhi did not take or return calls from the President when he tried to get in touch with him, as the massacres began.

The Difference Between The 1984 Genocide and The 2002 Riots H S PHOOLKA

Those political leaders who openly led the mob were rewarded and given high positions ...

The Big Lie:
Rahul and Other 1984 Apologists HARTOSH SINGH BAL

Thanks to Rahul Gandhi's fumbling lies, the denial of justice for the 1984 victims has re-entered our political discourse.

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