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Who Are The Guilty? T. SHER SINGH

You feel leaden as you drag your feet from one display to the next ...

Judge's Honest Remarks Irk Indian Government Apologists NEWS REPORT

A eyewitness, himself a policeman, had testified that the victims were killed from “time to time” by police officers.

Make Me Do It !
The Enigma of Manmohan Singh T. SHER SINGH

It is time to turn to the elephant in the room: 1984.

Here's What the US Government Internally Knows About the 1984 Pogroms SECRET U.S. GOVT. MEMOS PUBLISHED BY WIKILEAKS

The killing by [Tytler's] henchmen apparently ensured his success in establishing Congress Party bona fides

Sifting Through the Ashes of India's Charred History JASPREET SINGH

After burning humans, the thugs took meal breaks and then burned more humans and then burned copies of the Guru Granth.

The Great Betrayal T. SHER SINGH

There is no need for you to send help, the Indians said, everything is in control in India. The stories you hear are exaggerated; everything has been taken care of, all those affected have gone home. All's well ...

Songs of Blood:

Every time we Sikhs rise in prayer, whether it be a joyous occasion or solemn, we pay homage to the innocent Sikhs of 1984.

The Heirs of Mir Mannu:
How The Oppressors in India Keep on Mowing ... and Sowing T. SHER SINGH

"The more he mows us, the more we grow."


"The silent streets / Unmetalled with / Compassion / Strewn with jagged / Broken pieces of / Hatred ..." 

A Tale of Two Cities:
Carnage in Kishinev, Butchery in Delhi SARBPREET SINGH

"It is the tongue of every ghost / Of every maid and every crone / Of every mother and every child ..."

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