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This November,
I Try To Speak To Ghalib JASPREET SINGH

"Someone reduced Delhi to cruel squads, a strange Diwali / Dark clouds ascend like Qutab Minars ..."

The Survivor:
Part II A Short Story by SARBPREET SINGH

The sound gets louder and closer. It invades our ears and mutes our tongues ...

The So-Called Intellectuals Of India
Newfound Courage For Old Cowards? PRESS TRUST OF INDIA

Why a similar civil outrage was not witnessed when the 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms shook India?

1984 & I

"Come here!"  It was not a guard, but a soldier, with a submachine gun pointed right at us. 

The Survivor A Short Story by SARBPREET SINGH

Rani puts her arms around him and says it’s all right, it’s only a bad dream ...

Halloween & Indiro,
The Wicked Witch of the East GURI KAUR

"We commemorate the victory of good over evil in marking her annual journey from hell and back to hell every Halloween ..."

Are We Ready For Another 1984? KANWAL KAUR

The coals are still red underneath the white dust of the fire of 1984.

31st October:

October 31st, 1984 will forever remain etched in the collective Sikh psyche ...

From The Killing Fields Of India To New York’s 9/11 Memorial SATPAL SINGH

The occasion led me to reflect on my near-death experience over 30 years ago.

A Tale Of Resistance To India’s State Terror -

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