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Kultars Mime:
A Play about The 1984 Pogroms NANCY SHOHET WEST

It's based on Sarbpreet Singh's acclaimed poem on the events of 1984.

Memories of a Massacre:
Helium, A New Novel on India's Darkest Hour BRON SIBREE

There are cryptic historical clues to a different but parallel narrative to the one in plain sight ...

Evidence From 1984 Haryana Massacres Stolen From Investigators HINDUSTAN TIMES

The burglary took place at the private office of Manwinder Singh.

What happened on June 5, 1984 Edited by SUDESH N. BAJAJ

This military operation has been listed as one of India's Top 10 Disgraces by the country's own leading journal, India Today.

A Deliberate & Calculated Massacre:

A mass-murder perpetrated by a government against its own citizens.

June 1984:
Eyewitness Testimony from Inside the Harmandar Sahib Bhai JOGINDER SINGH, Former Jathedar, The Akal Takht

A blood-curdling account of what Indira Gandhi's troops did in Amritsar.

Jaspreet Singh's New Novel on 1984 A Book Review by ROSALIA SCALIA

The innocent Professor is singled out and attacked by the mob.

The Devil Too Has An Advocate:
An Attorney for Indira Gandhi T. SHER SINGH

“Indira Gandhi did everything possible to make his life hell.”

June 1984:
The Indian Diplomat T. SHER SINGH

Without warning, he picked up a chair and, holding it firmly in both his hands, began smashing everything in sight.

June 1984:
Babur's Second Coming HARVIND KAUR

My parents were in disbelief. They were in complete mourning.

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