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India & Its 1984 Genocide:
30 Years On, Time for Indian Parliament to Make Amends? MANOJ MITTA

In the wake of 911, the US Congress passed a resolution “condemning bigotry and violence against Sikh-Americans“.

Nobel Laureate Recalls New Delhi’s 1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom:
Kailash Satyarthi I P SINGH

"The crime was not only against the Sikh community, but against humanity at large, against the nation ..."

US Court Summons Amitabh Bachchan To Answer Allegations Over 1984 Mass-Murders FIRST POST

Bachchan has to respond to the charges made by the Human Rights body in 21 days.

Remembrance & Renewal -
Individually & Collectively T. SHER SINGH

In the memory of “those Singhs and Singhniyaan who sacrificed their lives at the altar of Sikhi …”

All In The Family:
Three Perspectives on "Kultar's Mime" BANNO KAUR BAJAJ, GITIKA KAUR BAJAJ & GLEN D'ROZARIO

The brilliance and economy of the movements is only surpassed by the ingenuity of the visual metaphors.

Tales of Complicity and Cover-ups:
Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 KASHIF-UL-HUDA

Justice Ranganath Misra held all the proceedings in camera; the public and media were not present during the testimony.


A look at efforts to support the survivors of the 1984-1995 conflict in Punjab.

Violent Nations:
1984 and The Othering of Sikhs -
A Conference Examining India as a Violent Nation HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK

Senior Congress Confidant Steps Forward To Confirm Detailed Planning Of 1984 Pogrom:
Names Mass-Murderer Arun Nehru DHIRENDRA K. JHA

Indian Govt's former petroleum secretary reveals that Rajiv Gandhi aide Arun Nehru had sanctioned the violence.

India’s 1984 Massacres:
Thirty Years of Impunity MANOJ MITTA

By any standards of the civilized world, Delhi 1984 is one of a kind, a monstrosity without a parallel.

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