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Michele Gibson is a crisis worker living in Ontario, Canada, with a love of art, literature and humanity and a deep faith which is daily heightened and grounded by Sikhi.

What Can We Learn From King James? by MICHELE GIBSON

The desire to keep scripture accesible to as many as possible is inherently good ... though there may be a cost in the process.

Inside Manu's Prison A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"I have not the tears to carry off the sorrow/ The oceans are by virtue of my tears/ They spill on to the land ..."

Mehtab Kaur, Maharani ... at Shalimar A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"I am the Queen, First wife to the King/ I bear all that my role confides/ but every time he hears her sing/ the heart of a woman dies" 

A Woman's Work A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

She folds them neatly to her side/ Pace by Pace/ Drawing in the shrinking length/ Measure by measure/ The bolt of fabric ...

Nine Tons of Gold A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"The Guru walks a million steps/ And builds one shrine with many doors/ To welcome you." 

Manu's Masterpiece by MICHELE GIBSON

He sits atop a throne ... straight-backed, confident and determined ... a sovereign's face, wise and fair, alert and balanced!

Sikhi in The Global Village by MICHELE GIBSON

Sikhi is one of the most - arguably the most - egalitarian bodies of faith in the world.

Same Difference A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

The things we do to, and for those we love ...

The Leper of Goindwal A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

He was weak but sought the journey nonetheless // With pain and hardened temperament ...

Angad's Gurmukhi A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

Guru Angad, the Second Master, created the matrix and the crucible for The Word: Gurmukhi!

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