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The Leper of Goindwal




He was weak but sought the journey nonetheless

With pain and hardened temperament

Through milky eyes he studied the descent

A red and rashy testament to hope

Leaning at the wall on crusty skin, chaffed against the edifice

Frescoes bloodied by the ailment he laboured with


Guru Amar Das built the well

The leper traveled far to test the lore,

And studied, as he leaned upon the walls, the history there

On every step he fumbled with his careless feet

But felt the cool air rising from the pool

It cleared his cloudy eyes and calmed his skin

The gentlest caresses welcomed him


Amar Das had laboured with the pot,

Each day brimmed with water from the Beas

To ease the thirst of many, in humility

To honour his Guru Angad and his destiny,

In constant service to another.

The leper brushed his cheek against the frescoes,

And raised his eyes, he shook loose years of shame,

His shoulders fell, his face cast up, his mouth agape


He could hear the water but his eyes were everywhere

The history and the wonder witnessed in the walls

Lulled by others in their solemn prayers

Arresting all his former cares,

His gait eased as he descended to the pool

Captive to the Guru's gentle face,

Captured by the imagery's embrace


He had meant to swim the tank at Goindwal

As story told the water was the cure

He stepped into the pool, but stopped there

Endowed now with the will to see

The descent had made him blind to his affliction,

The ascent now radiant with certainty.



January 23, 2010

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