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Damandeep Singh: Mr. Singh International 2009 NEWS REPORTS

He bagged the title at the grand finale of the contest held at The Khalsa College, Amritsar.

Turban Cool by KABEER SHARMA

The classic Sikh headgear's time in the sun has arrived.

A Shop Called '1469' by NEHARIKA SABHARWAL

First opened in 2005, it's a concept store selling a whole range of handicrafts and artifacts related to Sikhi and Punjabiyat.

Modern India's Culture Now Punjabi by VIR SANGHVI

Doesn't it surprise you that no matter where you go in India, people want to dance the Bhangra?

Footy in a Patka Down Under by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

My boys have patkas of every imaginable colour to complement whatever they have in their wardrobe. 

Sardar Super Model Adorns GQ Magazine's Fashion Pages Courtesy: GENTLEMAN'S QUARTERLY

Having wowed Manhattan, Sundeep Singh is now making waves in Europe.

Beard and Moustache Championship
in New York City by MELENA RYZIK

A Championship custom-made, it would appear, for Sikhs! Are New York Sikhs going to make their presence felt?

Sikh to a 'T' by MANJYOT KAUR

One young fan owns tees in eight of the company's twelve designs!

Sikh Style: The Art of Daily Color-Coordination by CERNO

The dastaar has become a statement of a highly personalized balancing act. Between tradition and modernity, between declaring membership to a minority religious identity and allegiance to "the majority" culture ...

Haberdasher to Presidents, Diplomats... James Bond by LAWRENCE OSBORNE

Amid Bangkok's babel, the author finds two Sikh suit makers who rise way above the rest to give men the ultimate shopping experience: perfect fit at a laughable price.

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