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Looking - And Being - Good is What Sikhi Is All About by SAHIB SINGH

Rather than wearing my usual black turban every day, I gradually started to match my clothes. I noticed a change almost immediately in those around me.

Garment and Adornment: The Culture of Clothes in Punjab by JASVINDER KAUR

Ghuggras were used as a formal wear and it was customary to wear them when women stepped out of the house. They removed it as soon as they came home.

Wanted Models: Saabat Soorat Sikh Males For PhotoShoot For International Magazine NOTICE

Photographer Timur casting 16-28 years old male Sikhs for a photoshoot for an internationally renowned magazine.

MythBuster: Dating & The Sikh Identity by SAHIB SINGH

In order to gain information on this little-explored topic, I had to interview an abundance of people. I broke them down into four categories ...

The Magic Juttis by ROSALIA SCALIA

To this shoe lover’s delight, within 10 minutes, at least 20 pairs of juttis materialized before me as my indecision inspired the jutti-walla to pull more pairs from the stacks ...

Behold! How Handsome Is Thy Turban!
Turban Tying Training Centres by SHARIQ MAJEED

He is no ordinary professional. He earns his livelihood by tying turbans ... and in training students the art of tying it in a variety of styles ...

Women and Fashion by ROBIN S. ROSENBERG

I like dressing up, but dressing up and looking nice are in a different category from enduring pain or discomfort for beauty's sake or because it's expected and part of the conventions of culture.

Timeless Prep Staples:
Featuring Gagan Singh THE STYLE BLOGGER

Prep style is rooted in tradition and built on a foundation of staple menswear items. The very stylish New York University senior shows us how he puts his own spin on them.

Say "Haan Ji" To The Punjabi Tee by YOLANDE D'MELLO

Sardar Bhagat Singh, the great icon of the struggle for independence from the British, is remembered on a tee by his famous call to revolution, "Inquilab Zindabad!"  

Preetma Singh:
Stylist, Attorney, Writer, Blogger STYLELIKEU

"I'm pretty much an old lady trapped in the body of a twenty-something. I feel like I'm from some other time. Not exactly sure when, but I'm pretty sure it's not now."

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