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Mr Singh And His Rolls Royce MIKE BRYSON

Mr. Singh enters a bank in Miami and asks for a loan. He says he's going to Europe on business for two weeks and he needs to borrow $ 5,000.

How The Trump Stole America JOHN PAVLOVITZ

“We’ll be twice as loud as the loudness of hate, / be the greatness that makes our America great …”

Trump a Reincarnation of Vishnu?
True To Form, Hindus in America Have Proclaimed the Republican Pariah a Hindu God ADRIJA BOSE

The group was hurriedly formed six weeks ago.

Mark These Dates On Your Calendar!
Apocalypse Now And Again …
Your Choice Of Dates For The End Of The World ADAM GABBATT

Numerous predictions say that the world will end in the relatively near future.

The Complete Guide To Getting Away With Murder In India SHOVON CHOWDHURY

Here are a few simple tips to help you to avoid committing the crime of the century.

Stand-up Comedian
Angad Singh Ranyal
Masterfully Revives Punjabi Self-Deprecating Humour NIKITA MUKHERJEE

The stand-up comedian explains what really goes down in a Punjabi family …

Bobby Dhaliwal
aka JusReign -
Next Prime Minister of Canada? THE HUFFINGTON POST

Watch the full interview here … and you decide.

Inspired By Real Life:
Dalbir Singh’s Sikh Park An Interview by MARISHA KARWA

It has a wide appeal, irrespective of where Sikhs live geographically.

Goodness Gracious Me ...
Here's A Quiz For You! ANONYMOUS

There’s only one country in the world which has the honour of being able to boast ALL of these definitions ...

Hindu Fundamentalists Claim
The Taj Mahal Is a Hindu Temple NEWS REPORT

They have asked the Court to transfer ownership of the world heritage site to the Hindu community.

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