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International Design Competition For Golden Temple Environs by AMANDEEP SINGH MADRA

Experienced architects from around the world are being invited to create a fore-court or plaza in front of the imposing complex.

Tarsem Singh's Mission: To Clean Up Amritsar by DHARMENDRA RATAUL

A Superintendent with the city's municipal corporation, he wishes to clean it up and make it look like Singapore.

U.S. to Help Restore Historic Sikh Fort U.S. STATE DEPT.

The Qila houses prime examples of Sikh fresco work, and is closely associated with the Sikh Empire of Ranjit Singh.

The Sikh Fort of Phul
Crumbling Heritage by NARAYANJOT KAUR

Inside the historic Phul Fort, the old Baradari of the Rajas is now being used as the Block Development and Panchayat Office.

Bangla Sahib: Walls of Gold by AJAY BANNERJEE

The money could've been used to educate hundreds of millions of ignorant Indians who remain clueless about Sikhs and 1984.

George Jacob: Director, Khalsa Heritage Centre, Anandpur THE INCLUSIVE MUSEUM

Designed by the renowned architect, Moshe Safdie, it is the sub-continent's largest contemporary heritage complex.

New Museum in Bunga Ramgarhia NEWS REPORTS

It will showcase Sikh history of the 18th century, AD, culminating with the ascent of Ranjit Singh as Maharaja of Punjab.

Lahore's Sheranwala Gate by AZLAN

The River Ravi used to flow right by the front of Sheranwala Gate, but by now has moved away considerably.

The Gates of Lahore, Capital of Ranjit Singh's Empire by TARIQ MAQBOOL

Access to the old walled city was gained by thirteen gates, of which only six have survived the vagaries of time.

Saving Punjab by GEOFFREY C. WARD

A Sikh architect is helping to preserve cultural sites in a Punjab still haunted by 1947's heart-wrenching Partition.

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