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The Haveli of Maharaja Naunihal Singh:
A Jewel In The Heart of Lahore Text & Photography by AOWN ALI

One of the few remaining royal residences from the Sikh period, this Haveli is situated inside the old walled city - located between the historic Bhatti and Lohari gates, where Mori Gate once stood.

The Lost Palace of Amritsar by SANDEEP SINGH BRAR

Why was it that one of the largest buildings on the parkarma ever built, a palace so large that it dwarfed every other structure, had simply disappeared from our records and collective memory?

Dribbling Through The Hourglass: The Baradari of Maharaja Sher Singh Text & Photography by AOWN ALI

His reign - brought to an early end through treachery - produced a number of lasting architectural vestiges in Lahore, in addition to the baradari.

The Last Stand: The Qila Mubarak of Patiala by GAGAN K. TEJA

The building that was once known for its grandeur and rare art is now on the verge of destruction. Not only has it become discoloured, many portions of the structure have collapsed.

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers: Sikh-Italians Establish New Gurdwara NEWS REPORTS

The new gurdwara is located in Pessina Cremonese, in the Po River Valley, about 100 kilometres southeast of Milan. It can hold 600 people and is one of the biggest in Italy.

Jai Singh Khalsa:
Preserving The Past One Project At A Time by JOAN TUPPONCE

For projects that involve adaptive re-use or historic renovation, developers and contractors look to Jai Singh Khalsa for his seasoned expertise. 

The Sardars Who Built New Delhi, Modern India's Capital by KHUSHWANT SINGH

The top five builders were Sobha Singh, Basakha Singh, Ranjit Singh, Mohan Singh and Dharam Singh Sethi. The British gave them due credit by inscribing their names ...

Reducing Heritage To A Wasteland: Amrita Pritam's Home Is No More by NIRUPAMA DUTT

"Today I have erased the number of my house/ And removed the stain of identity on my street's forehead/ And I have wiped the direction on each road ..."

Restoration of The Bunga Ramgharia by PERNEET SINGH

The basement has a hall where the Maharaja used to hold court in the “Diwan-e-Khas.” His royal seat here has been kept much lower than the Harmandar Sahib.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Birthplace in Neglect by PRABHJOT SINGH

The birthplace at the Subzi Mandi in Gujranwala district, Pakistan, is now a police station and the room where the Maharaja was born a lockup for criminals.

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