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A Pilgrim Through Sikh-British Heritage:

Everything is smaller and compact. Prim, trim and proper. Small, dollhouse bungalows, narrow lanes, mini cars and vans.

A Pilgrim Through Sikh-British Heritage:

Our horizon has moved further back; our world has become bigger in becoming smaller.

The Extraordinaries:
Dr Birinder Singh Ahluwalia T. SHER SINGH

You walk into his office and it is a virtual United Nations, reflecting Canada like few of its institutions, sadly, do even today.

The Extraordinaries:
Saran Singh A Video by HITESHWAR SINGH

We wish him a very happy birthday, and many, many more years in good health and contentment.

The Extraordinaries:
Ratanjit and Dolly Singh Sondhe T. SHER SINGH

What’s the difference between their busy-ness before, and their life now after “retirement”? 

The Extraordinaries:
Introduction T. SHER SINGH

They can lead us to great heights, but remain, to date, untapped, ignored or unknown.

Public Relations:
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions T. SHER SINGH

All they’re doing is wasting our time and theirs, that’s it.

It Hasn’t Been a Good Day:
William Dalrymple, Bosnia, Punjab, Zimbabwe and … Robin Williams T. SHER SINGH

Abandon all despair, ye who enter here,“ would be the right sign for my abode.

Them Truck Drivers T. SHER SINGH

I’ve heard the news reports on the radio and remember that the errant truck-driver has been identified as being from Brampton.

Unfinished Business:
The Remains of The Last Sikh Emperor,
Maharaja Duleep Singh

Sikh last-rites should be performed, befitting the stature of the last Emperor of the great empire of Ranjit Singh.

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