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Progress, I Think They Call It T. SHER SINGH

Not long after I was introduced to the world of automobile technology, it underwent a revolution of sorts.

The Year My World Turned Upside Down T. SHER SINGH

The Video relates some of my personal experiences in Canada triggered by the events of 1984.

Guru Gobind Singh - Part II
Celebrating The Man Nonpareil T. SHER SINGH

In the town where I grew up, there was nothing that didn't remind me of The Man.

Guru Gobind Singh - Part I:
Growing up in His Hood T. SHER SINGH

The city now honours Him in its new name: Patna Sahib.

The Racist, Supremacist Bigot -
In His Natural Habitat T. SHER SINGH

The great internet warrior who gets his strength from anonymity, his sustenance from ignorance and self-loathing ...

Dya Singh Does It Again T. SHER SINGH

Dya Singh has just released his latest CD -- “Sacred Chants of The Sikhs” -- and once again, he’s broken the mold.


I tapped him on the shoulder. He looked around. I gestured towards my arsenal. He looked at it long and hard. Now whatchya gonna do, my eyes taunted him.

From The Good Ol' Days T. SHER SINGH

Trust the harsh truth to come out of the mouth of babes!

Remembrance & Renewal -
Individually & Collectively T. SHER SINGH

In the memory of “those Singhs and Singhniyaan who sacrificed their lives at the altar of Sikhi …”

Bhai Ram Singh & The Queen Victoria Durbar:
A Pilgrim Through Sikh-British Heritage -

When the idea of having a Durbar Hall at Osborne first germinated, Victoria's thoughts immediately went to Elveden Hall.

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