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This Needs Research - IV:
What Are The Different Styles Of The Sikh Turban? T. SHER SINGH

The shamla, the pharla, the turla, the turra. Dumalla. Single patti and double …

Simple Arithmetic T. SHER SINGH

Amazing, isn’t it, how just one individual can single-handedly take so much joy out of humanity.

This Needs Research - III:
“What Is The Origin Of The Khanda Symbol?” T. SHER SINGH

The Khanda is now universally recognised as a representative icon of the Sikh Religion.

This Needs Research - II:
Who Was The Real Rani Jind Kaur? T. SHER SINGH

Her life and times will give us a unique insight into ourselves.

A Film For The Holidays:
Fiddler On The Roof T. SHER SINGH

The plot covers the whole gamut of the Sikh experience of the last 70 years.

This Needs Research - I:
Did Guru Nanak Visit The Vatican? T. SHER SINGH

Is there any serious study being undertaken today in this area?

What Can We Expect From India's Thugs Next? T. SHER SINGH

A country busy in destroying itself has no ability to harm others. Period.

C. F. Andrews T. SHER SINGH

"The pain upon the faces of these people reminded me of the shadow of the Cross. What was happening to them was truly a crucifixion ...."

Truth Bandits

He took instructions from the very people who he should’ve been questioning, if he was to do a fair story, and swallowed their skewed positions, hook, line and sinker ...

Truth Bandits

The story was carried in newspapers around the world, in several instances on front pages ... in India, in Britain, in France, in Australia … Some of the headlines even had the reference to the "bomb" in them, in large and bold type.

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